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Discover the Detoxifying Spa Ritual of Hammam...


Emerging out of the darker days, Spring heralds a sense of refreshing and renewal. The spring-cleaning vibes kick in, and when it comes to self-care, what says this quite like the ancient spa treatment of Hammam? Take a closer look at this deeply rejuvenating and invigorating ritual… 


Where did the Hammam Originate?

Prominent in the Islamic world, the Hammam took inspiration from Roman Baths. Although this was a concept caught on by the rest of the world, the earliest known Hammams were in Jordan and Syria in the 7th – 8th Centuries.
Rome’s rule over North Africa also left a pronounced influence on Moroccan culture with the Hammam being the most noticeable. The concept of a nourishing cleanse, provision for general hygiene, and the social aspect were approved of. However, a few modifications were made to suit it better to Islamic culture, making the Hammam unique in its own right. They were located near mosques for purification before prayers with running water instead of immersion. Later, the Ottomans became patrons of Hammams, building them across their territories, introducing them to other parts of the world.
In the Victorian era, their take on this was known as a “Turkish Bath”, a popular method of cleansing, therapy and relaxation that then spread through the British Empire, Western Europe and the U.S.A. Still highly prevalent in Moroccan and Turkish culture today, Hammams have regional differences in usage and architecture.

What is a Hammam?


Rather than traditional thermal waters, the Hammam uses steam. Most buildings where the treatment is held consist of three or four long rooms often with vaulted domed ceilings. Each tiled steam room has different temperatures, where you are guided by an attendant through progressively warmer sections.

The Hammam Ritual

This begins with the Dry Hot Steam Room to get accustomed to the heat, then followed by the Hot Steam Room to sweat out impurities.

The next stage is the Bathing Room where the traditional Hammam treatment is applied.


It begins by applying a thin layer of black olive-based soap, rich in nourishing Vitamin E (like an oily paste) over the body and resting for 5 – 10 minutes (the steam helps it sink in for optimal moisture) followed by rinsing off. This is followed by a deep exfoliation treatment with a Kessa glove (a textured mitt). The next stage is a purifying Rhassoul Clay mask, which is an antibacterial mineral. It safely absorbs and removes toxins and impurities, mineralising the epidermis (the skin’s top layer), balancing sebum (the skin’s natural oils) and tightening pores. The final flourish is where the skin is rehydrated and nourished with Argan Oil.


The experience is completed with a Resting Room to have a traditional Mint Tea and relax. However, there may be an optional massage or beauty room for further treatments if wished.



Benefits of Hammam


What does this unique spa ritual do for you?


Skin Health Benefits

It nourishes and rehydrates, providing essential minerals and vitamins.

A deeply purifying treatment – the steam softens skin and opens the pores for a deep cleanse, eliminating toxins and removing dead skin.

It helps with skin issues such as cellulite.

Hammam helps to improve oily and blemish-prone skin by regulating natural oil production, reducing redness and helping to reduce scar tissue.

It is a pro-age treatment – improving skin elasticity, helping to tone and firm the skin.


General Health Benefits

It boosts the immune system – steam dilates blood vessels and activates circulation in body, opening pores to release toxins.

Hammam helps to rejuvenate the body – the transformative power of hot steam works to restore tired, sore muscles, decreasing pain and helping to soothe rheumatism.

The restorative effects of heat treatment encourage relaxation, and in turn, better sleep.


Holistic Benefits

Hammam intensely invigorates – scrubbing and massage leads to considerable increase in blood flow, which stimulate and awaken the senses.

Relaxes mind and body – as well as the intense heat, there is the element of the relaxing massage, a deep pampering treatment.

It acts as a physical and emotional detox – helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

An uplifting treatment to feel more balanced and energised.

Helps to feel fresh and revitalised, resulting in a sense of positivity.




Hammam at Home


This wonderful treatment doesn’t have to be the preserve of a few – there are elements of this refreshing treatment that can become a Spring Detox self-care ritual right where you are…

  1. Set the scene that relaxes and uplifts with Spring Vitality Candles, allowing their soft glow to bring in calm and the essential oils to gently infuse the environment.
  2. Create the steam room setting with a shower and start by cleansing with our Vitality Body & Hand Wash. This gentle and mood-boosting formula is enriched with Neroli Water and Vitamin E to hydrate and tone the skin.
  3. This can be followed by an exfoliation with Himalayan Salts – extra Jojoba Oil can be added to spread the salts more evenly. If you find that the grains are too coarse, a brief blitz with a blender will make them finer.
  4. After rinsing the grains off, apply a mask and allow it to set for 5 – 10 minutes. Remove the mask with hot water, gently pat skin dry and finish with a deep moisturising treatment using Argan Oil to balance and nourish the skin.
  5. For an extra boost, how about self-massage to the neck and shoulders by adding a drop of Spring Vitality Essential Oil? Not only does this energise the senses, but this beautiful blend of botanicals has skincare benefits too:

Bergamot Essential Oil – a natural cleanser and tightens pores.

Lemongrass Essential Oiltones and boosts skin’s elasticity.

Lime Essential Oil – Helps alleviate excess oil from the skin.

Melissa Essential Oil – Soothes inflammation.

Vanilla Essential Oil – High in antioxidants, helping to prevent fine lines.

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil – Helps prevent excessive dryness, maintaining hydration.





Our Detox Gift Collection is a great starter kit to sample a home treatment, containing a full-sized Essential Oil Blend and Argan Oil, complemented with a Traveller Candle and Travel-Sized Himalayan Bath Salts.

Short on time? A facial steam treatment relaxes too, beginning by using our spa headband to sweep the hair away from the face and using a large bowl of hot water to open the pores. A drop of Spring Vitality Essential Oil in the hot water adds the extra benefits mentioned, being gently absorbed into the skin via the steam. Argan Oil can then be applied to our bamboo cleansing pads and swept across the face to gently lift away impurities and nourish the skin, deeply moisturising and cleansing together.


Welcome in the season of nurturing and new beginnings with a well-earned moment of wellness to step into Spring refreshed and relaxed…





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