Our Scent Trails

Botanical in origin & Vegan friendly

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Starting at home in the UK, we sourced Melissa oil, which uplifts the mind and restores emotional balance. We then took a short hop to Italy for some bergamot for an energising, uplifting experience and to trigger positive energy. Next stop saw us journey into the southern hemisphere, starting with South Africa for some lime to further energise and up-lift. We needed some balance to this energy so next visited Madagascar for some mood-enhancing and relaxing Ylang Ylang as well as some warm, strong vanilla. Last stop Bhutan, Kingdom in the Himalayas, for some vibrant lemongrass.

TOP NOTES: Lemongrass - Bergamot - Lime

HEART NOTES: Ylang Ylang

BASE NOTES: Vanilla - Melissa


Our summer journey took us almost around the world’s circumference. It all began in southern India, where we sourced Tuberose with its relaxing, almost sedative effects. We stayed in this incredible country, travelling to northern India, the home of rose absolute, a sensuous and calming scent. Then we journeyed west to Europe for some mandarin from southern Italy, adding a level of summer vibrancy and finally across the Atlantic to North America and Petitgrain to reduce stress, aid concentration and counteract tiredness.

TOP NOTES: Petitgrain, Mandarin

HEART NOTES: Neroli, Rose Absolute

BASE NOTES: Tuberose


The pursuit of a mellow autumn scent saw us travel halfway around the world. Our first stop was for some soothing vetiver from India, which we combined with anxiety-easing Frankincense from the Middle East. A quick hop to Egypt for some rose geranium, known to restore harmony, balance and joy, then thousands of miles west to South America to add some palo Santo which enhances presence and creativity. We then stayed in the Americas, with a final stop in North America for some thyme, a mood-boosting and uplift-ing scent.


HEART NOTES: Palo Santo, Frankincense, Rose Geranium

BASE NOTES: Vetivert


Our winter journey saw us crossing continents in pursuit of the perfect blend. South East Asia gave us clove, to uplift and promote a sense of optimal health. A generous bounty from India included Vetiver for restful sleep and to soothe restlessness, Oudh, a sensuous and earthy scent, and cinnamon with its antibacterial and strong immunity triggers. A slight deviation to the north east and we were in The Himalayas of Nepal which lent us Spikenard, a woody and spicy scent, known for relaxing the nervous system. Africa was our next destination and The Atlas Mountains in Morocco where we sourced Cedarwood, a warm, calm and grounding oil, before a final stop in North America for some fatigue and stress-reducing Petitgrain.

TOP NOTES: Petitgrain, Clove


BASE NOTES: Oudh, Spikenard, Vetivert, Cedarwood

How our scents are blended

We have sourced many essential oils to create our four core scents. Each captures the unique qualities of one of the four seasons, creating a trail of essential oils and scents around the world. We then brought the oils back to the UK to be carefully blended into our products, with our candles & diffusers hand-poured and slowly cured.

In each of our Four Scents Botanical scents you will notice fragrances to arrest your senses:

Sense the Difference

Top notes

Those that you notice first, and which draw you in. These will give you your first impression and are the lightest of the scents.

Heart notes

The core of the fragrance. You will recognise these after the top notes start to fade.

Base notes

The scents that become noticeable after your candle has been alight for a little time. Mixed with the heart notes, they deepen the fragrance and will be the longest lasting aroma.

Our promise

Holistic Wellbeing and Sustainability is at the heart of the Four Scents Botanical philosophy, which is why all our products are botanical in origin, vegan friendly, kosher, halal and positive on your mind, body & soul.




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