Our Wellbeing Scents

Essential Oils

Treat your senses with our luxury Essential Oil signature blends. Using nature's finest botanicals, they fill your home with the scents and senses of our blends and harness the holistic powers of aromatherapy.

Reed Diffusers & Room Mists

Home Fragrances

Bring the wellbeing of the outdoors indoors with our Home Fragrances. We use natural essential oils, plant-based ingredients and organic grain ethanol base for superior throw and depth of fragrance.

Travel-size, Single Wick & Triple wick


Gently infuse your home environment with our beautiful Candles, fragranced with our signature blends. Crafted from sustainable soya wax that burns clean, they are kinder to you and the planet.

Bath Salts, Body & Face Oils, Body Wash & Moisturiser

Bath, body & Face

Indulge in our exquisite range of Jojoba-infused Himalayan Salts, or selection of organic Body & Face oils, packed with wellbeing properties, or try our new Vitality Body Wash & Moisturiser.