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Our Spring Vitality Signature Wellbeing Fragrance Blend

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Botanical Illustration of Ylang Ylang Flower with Bumblebee

Botanical Illustration of Tuberose Flower With Butterfly
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Our Summer Radiance Signature Wellbeing Fragrance Blend

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Our Autumn Harmony Signature Wellbeing Blend

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Botanical Illustration of Thyme Herb with Ladybird

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Our Winter Rest Signature Wellbeing Fragrance Blend

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Essential Oils Wellbeing Properties Candle Care
Ingredients Map

Essential Oils

Four Scents Botanical Seasonal Blends includes natural essential oils from all four seasons offering a complete seasonal experience.

jojoba jojoba
thyme thyme
bergamot bergamot
lemongrass lemongrass
lime lime
ylangylang Ylang ylang
vanilla vanilla
melissa melissa
petitgrain petitgrain
mandarin mandarin
neroli neroli
roseabsolute Rose Absolute
tuberose tuberose
palosanto Palo Santo
frankincense frankincense
rosegeranium Rose Geranium
vetiver vetiver
clove clove
cinnamon cinnamon
oudh oudh
spikenard spikenard
cedarwood cedarwood

Wellbeing Properties


Lemongrass oil brings around a sense of vibrancy

Bergamot oil is energising, uplifting and triggers a positive energy

Lime oil is energising and uplifting

Ylang Ylang oil is mood-enhancing, sensuous and relaxing

Vanilla oil is warm and strong. It uplifts and energises in a balanced way

Melissa oil is a known elixir that uplifts the mind to restore emotional balance


Petitgrain oil reduces stress, helps with concentration and fights fatigue

Mandarin oil brings a vibrant addition to the blend

Neroli oil can help soothe anxiety and improve sleep

Rose absolute oil has astringent, sensuous and calming properties 

Tuberose oil is a relaxing and warming substance, with sedative effects 


Thyme oil emits a mood-boosting, uplifting scent

Palo Santo oil enhances presence and creativity

Frankincense oil soothes the mind and eases anxiety

Rose Geranium oil restores harmony, balance and joy. It nurtures our emotions and helps us feel safe

Vetiver oil promotes restful sleep and soothes restlessness


Petitgrain oil reduces stress, helps with concentration and fights fatigue

Clove oil is uplifting and promotes a sense of optimal health

Cinnamon oil has known antibacterial properties. It also triggers a sense of good immunity

Oudh oil is sensuous, earthy and abundant

Spikenard oil is woody and spicy. It is also relaxing for the nervous system

Vetiver oil promotes restful sleep and soothes restlessness

Cedarwood oil is warm, triggering a sense of relaxation, calm and grounding

Candle Care

Four Scents candles are all hand poured so each will burn in it’s own unique way. These tips will help you look after and enjoy many hours of your candle.

How our scents are blended

We have sourced many essential oils to create our four core scents. Each captures the unique qualities of one of the four seasons, creating a trail of essential oils and scents around the world. We then brought the oils back to the UK to be carefully blended into our products, with our candles & diffusers hand-poured and slowly cured.

In each of our Four Scents Botanical scents you will notice fragrances to arrest your senses:

Sense the Difference

Top notes

Those that you notice first, and which draw you in. These will give you your first impression and are the lightest of the scents.

Heart notes

The core of the fragrance. You will recognise these after the top notes start to fade.

Base notes

The scents that become noticeable after your candle has been alight for a little time. Mixed with the heart notes, they deepen the fragrance and will be the longest lasting aroma.

Our promise

Holistic Wellbeing and Sustainability is at the heart of the Four Scents Botanical philosophy, which is why all our products are botanical in origin, vegan friendly, kosher, halal and positive on your mind, body & soul.




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