Essential Oils for Winter

Four Scents Team

How do essential oils represent Winter and Rest? 

Capturing the essence of rest presented our alchemist with a few options, with the brief to select bolder notes to counteract the colder season. And so, the fourth and final quest was embarked upon…




Introduction to Petitgrain Essential Oil

Back in familiar territory in North America, our alchemist was drawn to an old favourite to assist as a top note – Petitgrain.

Known as “poor man’s Neroli” due to its similar fragrance but less costly, Petitgrain boasts similar therapeutic benefits, helpful in treating nervous conditions, sleeplessness, anxiety or mental fatigue. The difference is that Petitgrain is extracted from the leaves rather than the flowers of the bitter orange, so the fragrance has more of an earthy edge to it.

Skincare Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oil

As mentioned before, Petitgrain helps to harmonise the skin, balancing sebum levels. This makes it effective in treatment of blemish-prone or oily skin. It also helps prevent excessive sweating and assists in cleaning up bacteria or infections 

Holistic Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oil

Petitgrain helps in regulating heart, respiratory or muscle problems, so is beneficial in treating asthma, coughs or respiratory infections; with winter colds being more prolific, this gentle oil is a great companion to the season.
It can be used to help if struggling with anger or panic, with its grounding edge restoring calm and a higher level of awareness, bringing us back into the present, helping to clear the mind. Petitgrain evokes rest in that it promotes a sense of mental harmony, comfort and refreshment.

Introduction to Cedarwood Essential Oil

The next stage of the journey was to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the famous home of the warming Cedarwood essential oil. This was a great contender for our collection of base notes. Being valued since ancient times, Cedarwood has been used in cosmetics and perfumery for centuries. Its oily-woody, slightly sweet fragrance has several benefits.

Soothing and uplifting, Cedarwood helps to tackle tension, nervousness and low moods. It counters these conditions with promoting feelings of confidence, assurance and security.

Skin & Hair Care benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood is particularly beneficial for scalp and hair health. Its astringent properties are great at treating dandruff and scalp irritation, while its antiseptic properties help to counter oily roots. Likewise, Cedarwood balances oily skin and can help to soothe inflammation, particularly good when skin is affected by the fluctuating indoor to outdoor temperatures that winter brings.

Immunity Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

The respiratory system benefits from Cedarwood, as it is an expectorant, relieving congestion from the respiratory tract and lungs. Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties help to boost the immune system, just what’s needed during cold and flu season.

Holistic Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood is particularly good if you are in need of a stronger sense of identity and struggling with social interaction. It encourages a sense of self-assurance and confidence, and so promotes a pragmatic and practical state of mind. It brings rest and balance when the mind is troubled. 


Introduction to Spikenard Essential Oil

The Himalayas of Nepal provided inspiration and an essential oil in the form of Spikenard. This earthy, musky and woody fragrance turned out to be the perfect complement as one of our base oils. Used for millennia in perfumery, traditional medicine or religious ceremonies, Spikenard is still valued today.

Sleep and Skincare Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

A naturally sedative oil, Spikenard is excellent at helping to treat insomnia, soothing secondary issues that can contribute, such as restless leg syndrome or digestive issues. It also sedates negative emotions which can be another factor.
In skincare, Spikenard’s antimicrobial qualities treats dermatitis, itching and patchy skin. It promotes skin health by killing bacteria, enabling wounds to heal. It also helps to treat fungal infections as well as helping to rejuvenate dry, dull or mature skin.

Holistic Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

The ensuing benefits of Spikenard’s calming effect on the nervous system are that it stimulates the digestive system and supports the immune system. A calmer mind allows the body to rest and digest more effectively. The immune system is able to function better, as well as benefitting from Spikenard’s free radical-fighting properties.
So, it goes without saying that Spikenard is helpful if you are flustered, overwhelmed and in need of centring and grounding. In bringing rest, by extension it can help to regain perspective and enable you to prioritise better and be able to fulfil promises made.

Introduction to Cinnamon Essential Oil

Our alchemist’s next stop was India, which proved to contain an abundance of essential oils to help build our blend. The heart note of Cinnamon was the first one chosen. How could we go without this cheerful oil to represent winter? This comforting fragrance is synonymous with baking seasonal treats, and there’s good reason for this too. 

Winter Health Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon’s sweet, warm spicy aroma has long been used to help counter winter ailments. The warming action is used to counter chills and poor circulation, especially as we tend to experience this more in our extremities during this cold season. As a result, this makes it effective in treating rheumatism, especially when aggravated by cold, damp weather. Cinnamon’s strongly antiseptic properties help to combat colds and flu as well. 

Skincare Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

It needs a great deal of dilution when it comes to skincare; however, Cinnamon still has its benefits. Its antimicrobial qualities make it beneficial for those troubled by blemish-prone skin. Stimulating the blood vessels, this in turn helps skin to appear more even-toned. Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant, helping to reduce fine lines, pigmentation and dull skin. 

Digestion Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

It is also known as a boost for the digestive system, which is advantageous for winter as we tend to be drawn to richer comfort foods. Its tonifying properties help to stimulate a sluggish digestive system, and it also counters digestive spasms. Cinnamon has also been known to help counter sugar cravings.

Holistic Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon is a supportive oil at times when feeling disappointed, particularly in terms of achievement. Its uplifting fragrance will help you to reignite your enthusiasm and interest for whatever had become lacklustre.




Introduction to Oudh Essential Oil

Precious Oudh was the next oil to join our collection of base notes. A deeply rich, complex and smoky fragrance, Oudh had been revered since ancient civilisations and is used in perfumery – one of the most expensive fragrances! Our alchemist couldn’t resist adding a touch of this to our blend as the benefits work synergistically with the other oils.

Meditation & Skincare Benefits of Oudh Essential Oil

One of Oudh’s most famous benefits is for meditation. It boosts cognition by enhancing mental clarity and memory, while instilling a sense of serenity and harmony. A skincare tonic, Oudh can help to treat a variety of skin conditions. It works towards reducing fine lines and marks, as well as removing bacteria and treating blemish prone skin. Oudh can also help to treat wounds and relive skin discomfort, soothing redness and puffiness.

Holistic Benefits of Oudh

Oudh lends itself to winter well as it helps alleviate pain and strengthens the body. Reducing inflammation, it helps eliminate toxins and reduce swelling linked with arthritis. This property also helps clear the respiratory tract and tackles a dry cough. Oudh aids the digestive discomforts that eating more bring, such as settling the stomach, reducing bloating and relieving nausea.
It is beneficial when suffering from emotional issues, especially trauma, as Oudh counters negativity. It conveys rest in that its sedative qualities are soothing at times when prone to impulsive behaviour or ruminating in negative thought patterns. It enhances inner strength and promotes peace.




Introduction to Vetiver Essential Oil

For the final base oil, our alchemist returned to a trusted favourite – Vetiver. Already mentioned as a part of our Autumn Harmony Blog, this woody, smoky oil needs no further introduction, sitting beautifully alongside our three other base notes.

Nervous System Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

Much like its counterparts, Spikenard and Oudh, Vetiver is a balm for the nervous system. It encourages deeper, slower breathing, bringing in clarity and calm.

Circulation Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

It stimulates the circulatory system, so is helpful for those who suffer particularly in the colder weather. It helps with rheumatism as its warming action brings in relief to pain and swelling.

Skincare & Emotional Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

Oily skin benefits from Vetiver’s slightly astringent and antimicrobial properties, helping the balance sebum production. Vetiver embraces the concept of rest by its traditional use of helping to treat insomnia, thanks to its sedative qualities. It also brings rest to an overwhelmed state of mind, particularly where indecision is involved. It encourages clearer thought processes and the ability to see new opportunities.




Introduction to Clove Essential Oil

South East Asia was the final destination to select a final top note. Clove was just right to bring in some warmth next to Petitgrain, and another winter must-have. Fresh but spicy, this topped off the blend perfectly. This stimulating and warming oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

Pain Relieving & Skincare Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

There is a tendency to associate the fragrance of Clove with the dentist. This is due to it being especially effective in treating toothache and abscesses thanks to its ability to counter intense intermittent pain caused by neuralgia.

More than a pain reliever, Clove can also help the skin. But like Cinnamon, it needs strong dilution first. However, it is beneficial in stimulating the blood flow to the epidermis (top layer of skin), helping to improve radiance. Clove helps to soothe inflammation, so is valuable for treating puffiness, pigmentation or irritation.

Winter & Emotional Health Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

Clove is a winter hero, as its antimicrobial and warming action is effective in treating colds, chills and flu. It is also known to help boost the immune system. Its stimulating properties make Clove beneficial as a treatment for joints and muscles, and is helpful in bringing relief to the digestive system too.

Clove brings rest to those who have been suffering with the emotional side effects of an infection or illness. It helps reverse the effects of despondency, lending a sense of warmth and lightness. This helps to restore a sense of optimism as you recover.



Winter Rest is reflected in the woody, spicy and smoky aromas that form this deeply relaxing blend. They evoke the warming comfort of open fires and the gentle cheerfulness of festivities; that can bring serenity into the home through a spritz of Room Mist, the subtle backdrop that a Reed Diffuser creates, or diffusing the Essential Oil Blend in the evenings. Our Candles bring further cheer with their gentle glow, while our Himalayan Bath Salts bring a grounding touch to your wind-down routine.

It’s a great opportunity to harness the effects of these beautiful oils through our Wellbeing Duos. The Restorative Duo combines the luxurious qualities of Rosehip Oil, rich in essential fatty acids for optimum skin health, and the joint and muscle-soothing properties of the essential oils. Helping to overcome fatigue, this is a massage blend that is a real winter tonic. The Beautifully Balancing Duo pairs Argan Oil, known for its soothing and sebum-regulating elements, with the radiance-boosting and skin-soothing benefits of the essential oils. This makes a wonderful facial oil for anyone seeking to improve skin tone.

Bring clarity and calm to this slower season by enjoying the mind, body and emotional benefits that Winter Rest brings.


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