Autumn Aromatherapy

Four Scents Team

How is Harmony and the season of autumn represented in the world of essential oils?

Our alchemist journeyed once more to source the finest oils that capture the earthy warmth and comfort we crave in this season…          


The quest began in North America, where the single top note of Thyme was discovered. A medicinal and culinary herb, it has been used for thousands of years for its restorative properties as well as being bathed in to instil courage and strength before battle. This cleansing and stimulating oil with its fresh, herbaceous scent has many uses in the world of aromatherapy too.

Thyme’s antimicrobial properties make it an autumn hero. In the season where colds and bugs begin to become more prolific, thyme has been shown to be effective in combating infection and strengthening the immune system. It is also very effective in the treatment of infections, and is considered thyme’s primary action. It is also useful for treating respiratory issues, particularly persistent coughs and the sense of weakness this can bring with it.

In skincare, Thyme’s soothing and purifying properties help it to be beneficial for conditions such as rosacea, irritation or blemishes. Thyme also helps to boost circulation and stimulate blood flow to bring a glow to the skin, as well as helping to flush out toxins.

The warming and tonifying benefits of Thyme are helpful for encouraging better digestion as well as stimulating the circulation. This can also help to ease the effects of muscles stiffness, aches and arthritis.

Thyme brings harmony back into your body and emotions, especially when feeling debilitated and prone to illness after pushing yourself too hard; neglecting proper self-care. It will help to clear out the negative effects and restore the immune system.       


The journey continued to South America, and it was in Ecuador that the first middle note was selected. Palo Santo stood out for its unique balsamic, sweet woody aroma that captures the earthy tinge of autumnal air. Traced back to the Incan era, it was traditionally used as an incense in rituals. Spanish monks later discovered it and gave its name, meaning “holy wood”.

Palo Santo supports the immune system, and is helpful in fighting infections and viruses. It is reported to help naturally purify the air and eliminate toxins. Helping to lower inflammation, Palo Santo is beneficial for fighting seasonal allergies and digestive-related issues and asthma-related symptoms.

Rich in antioxidants and moisturising properties, it is great in skincare, particularly if you have dry or flaky skin. Palo Santo can help tighten up the skin and provide a more youthful appearance. It encourages the formation of new skin cells and helps reduce age spots and blemishes.

The best-known benefit of Palo Santo, however, for its relaxing qualities. Its calming and grounding fragrance encourages deeper breathing and by extension, combating the fight-or-flight response of the sympathetic nervous system. This seems to be particularly effective in the case of tension-related headaches, with its circulatory benefits helping to increase the blood flow, which in turn reduces the sensation of pain.

Long associated with the cleansing of negative energy, Palo Santo brings harmony to the emotional state. Promoting clarity and concentration, it is an excellent support for the start of a new academic venture. The nights drawing in can cause us to feel low at times, so Palo Santo works as a gentle remedy to help lift the spirits, bringing in feelings of positivity and creativity.   


The second middle note was located in Egypt. Rose Geranium was just right for adding a lighter floral touch to the blend. An important perfumery oil, Geranium is a versatile oil that is often used in blends, thanks to its sweet, rose-like scent that has a fruity undertone.

Geranium has a calming and cooling effect on the nervous system, which helps soothe anxiety and restlessness. It is known to be particularly beneficial in the instance of panic attacks and palpitations, especially soothing the sensation of overheating that can come alongside these conditions.

A popular ingredient in skincare, Geranium boasts balancing properties, having a regulating effect on sebum production. This means that it’s suitable for both dry and oily skin types. It tackles problem skin too, as its soothing qualities help calm inflamed skin conditions such as eczema and its antimicrobial benefits are helpful in treating blemish-prone skin.

Geranium also can help to act as a digestive tonic. Again, the cooling properties are helpful in tackling any discomfort that involves a burning feeling, calming complaints caused by inflammation.

Balancing Geranium represents harmony as it is calming without sedating, and generally a good all-rounder. It is especially helpful in instances where you’re at a stage where you are feeling stuck and fearful to let go and move on. It helps to restore confidence, relieving feelings of irritation and encouraging optimism going forward.      


In the Middle East, the third and final middle note was chosen to bring a grounding element. Frankincense was the perfect oil to complement the sweeter tones. This ancient essential oil is rich in history, having been used in skincare by the Ancient Egyptians. It was used in many other cultures as incense thanks to its warm, spicy fragrance with a subtly fresh overtone.

So, it goes without saying that the top therapeutic benefit of Frankincense is its calming qualities. The resinous fragrance helps to encourage deeper breathing, positively impacting the nervous system. However, far from being soporific, it has a subtle uplifting effect and helps to aid concentration. Hence it has been used for centuries for meditation.

In skincare, Frankincense has long been renowned for assisting skin repair, so is beneficial in treating scar tissue, ulcers and wounds. It also benefits mature skin, helping to improve skin’s elasticity. Frankincense’s astringent qualities help balance oil production while “tightening” the skin, improving skin tone, helping it to appear more even and clear.

Frankincense helps to reduce inflammation, and is particularly beneficial for the respiratory system. It soothes the mucous membranes and is effective in a steam inhalation to bring relief to coughs or lung-related conditions. It also helps to boost the immune system, so particularly useful when colds start doing the rounds in autumn.

This beautiful oil can bring harmony back into life when it has become crowded, overwhelmed and too fast. Frankincense gives you the opportunity to slow down and encourage you to reprioritise and focus on the more creative aspects of life, helping to restore happiness and satisfaction.     


The final stop was in India to source the base note. Vetiver had all the qualities needed to hold the lighter notes and bring its harmonious tone to round the blend off. Known as “the oil of tranquillity”, its rich, smoky, earthy aroma makes Vetiver a key perfumery ingredient, especially in oriental and woody fragrances.

The key benefit of Vetiver is on the nervous system due to its sedative and strengthening qualities. It helps in treating stress-related conditions, soothing anxiety, low moods and insomnia. It is particularly grounding when suffering nervous exhaustion, shock or emotional trauma.

Vetiver benefits the skin too – it helps to balance sebum levels and unclog pores, so it particularly good to help purify blemish-prone skin. Having powerful antimicrobial properties, it helps to treat rashes, wounds and insect bites. Vetiver also boasts moisturising qualities that help to firm and protect the skin from environmental stressors.

A warming and pain-relieving oil, Vetiver is beneficial for treating joints and muscles. It helps to reduce inflammation and boost circulation, therefore helpful in treating rheumatism and arthritis as well as sports injuries. These qualities can help in treating headaches too.

Vetiver brings harmony back to the emotional state, particularly when feeling weepy and overwhelmed. It can bring clarity in times of transition, particularly if feeling indecisive about making the necessary changes. Vetiver will bring in the calm needed to successfully navigate these times and help you to open up to new possibilities.


Autumn Harmony brings in a sense of warmth for the cooler days, and also depicts the earthy aroma associated with the season with this blend of grounding, balancing oils.

The lengthening nights are not easy to transition into after summer, so a way to counter this is to tap into the nesting instincts that being back indoors more brings. This could look like using it as an opportunity for a relaxing bath with our Himalayan Salts; the woody oils bringing a sense of grounding and tranquillity after a busy day, paired with the nourishing qualities that the salts bring. Or it could be bringing in a warm and inviting atmosphere that our Reed Diffusers, Candles and Room Mists create as a wonderful finishing touch to cosy interiors.

Our Wellbeing Duos bring together the benefits of these amazing botanicals. The Breathe Easy Duo pairs Autumn Harmony with Jojoba Oil to create a massage oil that helps target those annoying coughs and colds. Jojoba helps build the skin’s protective barrier, making it effective for massage while the essential oils benefit the respiratory system, help boost immunity and have antimicrobial qualities. The Toning Treatment Duo consists of Rosehip Oil and Autumn Harmony to tackle uneven skin tone, stretch marks or scars. Rosehip Oil is famed for its regenerative benefits and skin repairing properties, with the essential oils balance and tone the skin. Another option is to match Autumn Harmony with Argan Oil; a rescue remedy for hair health and also a nourishing, balancing facial treatment. Paired with the soothing and firming essential oils, this could work as a calming massage oil, hair treatment or facial oil. 5 drops of essential oil (2 for sensitive skin) in 10ml base oil works well in a massage blend, while 2 drops will suffice for a facial oil.

Embrace the season of fruitfulness and vibrant colour with this comforting herbaceous blend; take time to treat yourself and enjoy the holistic benefits that they bring.







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