Autumn Wellbeing

Four Scents Team


Though school days may be behind (many of!) us, there’s something about the crisp, cooler days of autumn that stir in us the urge for a fresh start. This could be a new project, plan or opportunity.
Are you ready?
Whatever newness or goals that may be coming into your life, remember that however ready you feel, you’re worth the outcome – go for it! 




Learning New Skills

 Learning something new has its own wellbeing benefits, giving the physical and mental boost you need. New skills improve courage and confidence, and by extension, the feeling of empowerment can help override anxiety. On the subject of self-esteem, a new skill demonstrates that you are capable of change and growth, stopping you from getting stuck. It also helps break the monotony of routine – a challenge gives a sense of motivation and can help to generate a new zest for life. A sense of meaning that accompanies learning improves mental wellbeing, and the distraction that it brings can help tackle stress-related issues. It is great for brain health because our brains are malleable; generating further neural pathways through things learned produces a more positive mindset. In turn, it helps you to become more flexible and adaptable, gradually making changes to your mindset and perspective. The other brain benefit is that cognitive function improves – myelin is a chemical in the brain helps in the body’s everyday activities, and myelin becomes denser the more you develop a new skill. Just as muscles get stronger through weight training, the brain’s memory improves as you learn. The backdrop of Frankincense, Palo Santo, Geranium, Thyme and Vetiver in our Autumn Harmony blend in a learning environment is ideal, as these essential oils encourage focus, calm and creativity. This could be with a reed diffuser, or alternatively diffused in an oil burner/electronic diffuser, or on the go with our handy room mists.  



Embracing Change

Autumn is the season of change, strikingly noticeable in the red, orange, yellow and brown hues of leaves that uniquely light up nature. How do you react to change?
It often isn’t easy, with the fear of the unknown generally being the biggest stressor. Is there a better way to embrace change?
Accepting that change is inevitable can help begin the process of opening the mind. Making the decision to be open-minded and flexible can help to take the edge off things. Flexibility helps strengthen us mentally and physically, allowing us to achieve things we otherwise thought we couldn’t. Having a solution-focused and positive mindset can also give us the strength to adapt. Even something as simple as acknowledging that it’s something we go through rather than stay stuck in helps us. All that to say, it’s not a call to ignore the realities – acknowledging the changes and how they affect us is all part of acceptance and being open to adjustment. You don’t necessarily have to go through it alone either; sharing with a trusted friend or a counsellor can help de-fang and process some of the anxieties surrounding change.



Appreciating Autumnal Nature

 Speaking of change, autumn is a great time to intentionally take notice of the seasonal changes. Subtle shifts happen week by week, and an effective way to counter worry and rumination is to make a habit of consciously noting what’s happening in nature. Being outdoors among the trees, as mentioned before, are helpful in reducing stress levels. A Glasgow University study noted that for those suffering with anxiety, the effect of walking, biking or running on a nature trail was twice as good as going to the gym for mental wellbeing. And who doesn’t get tired of the vibrant colours in an autumn sunset? Moments of awe in nature are one of the keys to contentment, bringing your focus to the here and now instead of thinking about what’s lacking. All too often, we find ourselves wishing our circumstances were different or we were somewhere else. Taking notice – be it the stunning murmuration of starlings, the dew on a spider’s web or the variety of toadstools - and regaining our sense of wonder helps us to restore peace with where we are. The appreciation we feel follows with the happiness that can be so elusive at times.




Daylight Savings

 With daylight savings being an inevitable part of autumn, it’s important to consider how much natural light you’re getting, especially as we tend to retreat indoors. Working near a source of natural light is a good place to start.  Morning sunlight is your best bet for topping up on your dose of vitamin D. This helps you body adjust quicker and synchronises your body clock faster. Failing that, a lunchtime walk breaks up the day, takes you away from the screen and allows for a moment of mindfulness. A brisk walk can help to boost the immune system too; much in needed in the season of colds and bugs. There are small hacks to help adjust to the changing clocks. The body’s internal clock that tells us when to sleep and wake up (the circadian rhythm) needs regularity in order to function at its optimum, so a consistent sleep schedule will put you at an advantage. However, going to bed in synch with the new time - very gradually - in preparation for the change of clocks can help your body to adjust. Simulating natural light can help us to us to get used to less daylight too; whether this be an Autumn Harmony candle (benefitting from the balancing blend of essential oils at the same time), using a silent lamp that simulates sunrise or a light box to help counter the dip in serotonin levels.





 That change of pace also extends to self-care. This is a worthy goal to reach for, because taking care of yourself helps you function at a more optimal level and take better care of others. This could look like restoring balance to your life by reviewing what really matters. Needs can change often, so it’s important to take stock and give yourself permission to let go of what’s draining you in order to make room for what energises you. With hibernation season upon us, why not tap into the nesting instinct and create a cosy environment? It helps us feel better in ourselves, therefore protecting our mental health. This could be wrapping yourself up in a cosy blanket and watching something you enjoy or having a long bath (cue the calming Autumn Harmony Bath Salts). It could be the opportunity to re-read a favourite book – there’s something comforting about the familiarity – or lose yourself in a new novel. For a real treat, how does taking a day off for a Pamper Day sound? This can help with many aspects of physical health, such as balancing blood sugar levels and improving digestion as well as the mood-boosting emotional benefits. It’s not complete without a massage, therefore a great opportunity to blend one of our carrier oils with one of our four beautiful pure essential oil blends to benefit from their therapeutic properties. Fear of selfishness often holds us back from this, but in fact, it helps you going forward to show up more fully and empathetically for those close to you. Self-care is a reminder that there are little rituals to love doing as the weather gets cooler.

What newness or possibilities are in store for you this autumn?
Our hope is that whatever goal you go for, that you can embrace this season of Harmony with a new appreciation and make the most of the simple things that bring creativity, contentment and comfort.



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