Using Perspective as Acceptance

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The practice of perspective can help us manage stress 

With the groundwork covered for recognising the small things, this flows into the accepting practice of perspective. This too, can help us manage life’s stresses more effectively.
    Woman sitting viewing mountain to represent perspective in nature 

Perspective in Nature

Being out in nature particularly teaches us a lot about perspective – and it’s where we’re most likely to be open to it and at peace with it. Whether it’s a dramatic coastline, among tall trees or on a summit, we become a small part of a much bigger picture. It invites us to view things from different vantage points and encourages us that we’re not alone in dealing with life’s challenges. Although not solving anything, it does offer us solace, helping us to accept ourselves as interconnected rather than central.
    Man looking up at trees to represent self-compassion


Following on from this, we can practice acceptance of ourselves as a natural part of what’s around us. Each one of us is a unique part of the beautiful scenery around us! As well as taking ourselves out of the centre of the picture, it gives us the opportunity to view ourselves from a different perspective. This means stepping away from the ego (for example, what are others thinking of me?) but through more compassionate eyes. You’re no longer comparing or competing, just simply being and celebrating your unique inner aliveness.
    Three diverse women looking at photo to represent curiosity

Curious, not Furious

A gentler perspective of ourselves can flow out into a gentler perspective of others. It helps us to view others through the lens of being sharers of the bigger picture around us. As unsettling as this can feel initially, reminding ourselves that others struggle just as much with their insecure and anxious ego, can help us settle into accepting others where they are at. It can also help, when feelings of condemnation arise, to recognise this and reframe it into a perspective of curiosity. Why do they think what they do? Where is that coming from? Responding with questions instead of anger is a great tool for diffusing tension – and you also learn something about the other person. It’s also fine to agree to disagree; acceptance of this gives you a more peaceful perspective. After all, it would be a bit dull if we were all the same!
     Woman with outstretched arms at the shore to represent perspective and peace

Perspective and Peace

It’s liberating to realise and accept that problems will never fully disappear, nor will we be fully sorted or happy. We can then simply relax into what is rather than resist it. Good and bad come and go, and situations will not always be tied up as neatly as we would wish. Looking at the wholeness of life helps us to accept its imperfections more graciously and these little steps mentioned can help us on our way. The important thing is not to use them as another burden to feel anxious about – inevitably, we mess up. Always keep in mind that we are wonderful works in progress!

References: Grounded by Ruth Allen, Soulfulness by Brian Draper, The Miracle Moment by Nicole Unice


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