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What is meant by this?


We recognise at least one of these. Thoughts endlessly going round like a washing machine. A raised heart rate that’s hard to manage. A rumble of unease that chunters away in the background like a news reel. Sadly, the reality of stress and anxiety affects many of us.

Girl looking in mirror to represent addressing stress and anxiety

However, the good news is that we are equipped with the tools not just to recognise this, but steps to manage and overcome these. And they are unique to each of us – the key is to find out what strategy works best for you.

So, to address means, rather than ignoring or squashing down stressful or anxious emotions, to face what’s going on inside. It’s not a sign of illness, but rather a warning signal.

To address is more powerful than is given credit for. It takes what’s happening in the subconscious and brings it up into the conscious sphere, which in itself weakens the particular thought pattern, giving us the platform to reframe it.

Stay tuned to discover tips on ways stress and anxiety can be addressed…


Reference: Cleaning up Your Mental Mess by Dr. Caroline Leaf



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