A Body Check to Address Stress

Four Scents Team

An Exercise to Pay Attention to Your Body       

Another useful tool to address stress and anxiety is to pay attention to your body. This is a quick exercise that can be done anywhere, but no less empowering...

       Diagram showing various pain points to guide with the body check exercise 
  • The head – does it hurt? It’s a signal that it’s time to take a break…
  • The eyes – are they strained? Turn away and focus on something in the distance. If you’re at a screen, set a 20-minute timer to allow the eyes 20 seconds’ rest.
  • The jaw - is it clenched? Ensure that your tongue is on the roof of your mouth and resting on your back teeth. Humming helps to do this!
  • The shoulders – are they raised? Lower them and “draw” a few circles with them if you can.
  • The wrists – are they tense? Stop, circle and shake them.
  • Diaphragm – is this where my breath is coming from or is it shallow in the chest? Stop to intentionally breathe by expanding the abdomen on the inhale, and draw in on the exhale.
  • Pelvic area – can be a taboo, but an unconscious store of the emotions. Sit straight, inhale as you rock back to relax the pelvic floor, and exhale as you rock forward. As you go forward, your belly button will go towards the spine.


References: @anxiety_wellbeing, 3 Areas in Your Body You Hold Stress by Dr. Arianne Missimer


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