Witnessing the Seasons

Four Scents Team

Nature Profoundly Connects us Through the Seasons


We couldn’t write about meditation and mindfulness without mentioning the importance of the seasons! Nature profoundly connects us through the rhythm and cycles that the seasons take us through. To engage with the seasons is another noticing exercise that sparks a fresh curiosity and appreciation for the uniqueness that each one brings.



A marked meditative moment could be an observation of the spring equinox.


White blossom against blue sky
  • Light and darkness are in equal measure – but the longer days are still advancing. What feelings does this stir?
  • Look for signs of new life. What colours are emerging? What scents can you detect?
  • As nature shows its resilience, bouncing back from winter dormancy, what areas of life reflect this for you?
  • In what ways are you seeing growth?
  • What signs of new life do you see in your personal landscape?
  • Spring holds promise for lighter and warmer days. What does this spark for you?



Mindfully observing the longest day – Summer Solstice – taps us into the rhythm of the solar system. Watching the sunrise is a gentle and intentional practice.


Woman sat on cliff looking out at a summer sunrise at sea
  • Take note of what you're sensing; what are you hearing? Smelling? Tasting?
  • As the sun appears, reflect on what newness might be emerging in your life. If there isn’t, observe this without judgement or having to silver-line it.
  • What could you be you be grateful for in the moment?
  • If there are clouds, take note of the different shapes, watching how they slowly shift and change.
  • What brings light and warmth into your life?
  • Reflect on the concept of rest. How would it feel to have a day to do nothing and just be? Sit with any uncomfortable emotions with curiosity.



A paradoxical season, with both fruitfulness and the return to dormancy. Autumn equinox brings a sense of balance and a time to reflect.


Feet standing on carpet of red autumn leaves


  • What feelings does Autumn bring for you? Acceptance? Sadness? Awe? Recognise and honour them, knowing that these will come and go.
  • When it comes to fruitfulness, where do you see this personally? It doesn’t have to be society’s metrics! It can be as simple as you like - and all the more profound for it.
  • Looking around at the seeds that are falling to the ground, reflect on life’s seeds that you are scattering. What spheres of influence have you passed through and what have you left behind? Remember, seeds are tiny; it doesn’t have to be grandiose.
  • As the weather cools and the leaves change colour, pay attention to the concept of change. What are your thoughts? How do you handle transition?
  • Nature is always in a state of flux, helping us to understand that these things are not in our control. Note how you feel about control in your own life – where do you see this and where may it be possible to relinquish it?



Short days punctuated by festivities are the hallmarks of the season. This can be a tough one for many, so how can we best connect with winter? The solstice can be a place to start, taking a moment to walk, see the sun set and observe the fading light.
     Silhouette of trees against winter sunset     
  • As the sun sets, reflect on your relationship with endings. What is letting go like for you?
  • The shortest day is a turning point; the earth will tilt towards the sun once more. How does this feel?
  • If you can’t get outdoors, take a moment to journal in response to these questions. It’s surprising what you learn about yourself.
  • What brings light to you in these dark months?
  • How do you face them? What little practices could you incorporate to help you make the best of the long evenings?
  • On coming back indoors, light a candle as a sign of hope for brighter days to come. Focus on its warmth and glow, relaxing into the moment before you return to routine.


Reference: Soulfulness by Brian Draper




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