Becoming Grounded

Four Scents Team

Connecting With Yourself and Nature


A simple practice to bring you into the moment.
Being outdoors isn’t necessary, but it enhances the experience…
      Tree with roots spreading across the ground
  1. “Arrive” by creating a firm stance, feet hip-width apart. Notice your breathing and allow it to slow and deepen.
  2. Move your attention away from the external and to your body. Where are you holding tension? How are you feeling? No need to judge! Breathe into those places, and breathe out as if to release them.
  3. Become aware of your contact with the ground. Spread your toes if you can. What are you feeling in your lower legs and feet? Try to send them downwards with your breath.
  4. Invite strength and solidity into your body. Pull the inhale up through your feet to the top of the head, and send it back down on the exhale. If it helps, imagine a beam of light running through you and into the earth, like roots beneath you.
  5. Change perspective - imagine the weight of the earth coming up to meet your feet.
  6. Take the time you need to relax into this, enjoying the sensations and breathing. Visualise yourself as a plant or tree – standing by a tree can especially help you feel rooted and grounded.


Reference: Grounded by Ruth Allen



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