A Meditative Life Audit

Four Scents Team

This Isn't as Scary as it Sounds


If mindfulness and meditation is about waking us up to the present, this can lead to the question – do you want to flourish? Stepping aside to incorporate these practices takes us off the treadmill and tap into something wiser inside. Building on mindfulness can invite us into a different way of being.
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Checking Into Wellbeing

A few questions can help get the ball rolling to see where we’re really at with our general wellbeing:
  • How much do you move throughout the day?
  • Are you spending a lot of time in artificial environments?
  • What is your commute like?
  • Are there changes you can make to minimize its mental and physical impact?
  • What choices are you making with food and drink?
  • Do you allow time to switch off?
  • How does your media consumption impact you?
  • What feelings does it invoke?
  • Do you have meaningful and supportive connections?
  • Are you getting sufficient sleep?
Keeping an eye on these factors awakens us to how we’re supporting ourselves and where switches may need to be made in order to boost our overall wellbeing.
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Tuning In

Tapping into the “wise mind” is something that can’t be forced. As meditation and mindfulness become a regular part of life, you may notice where things in life don’t sit right.
If these feelings surface, don’t push them aside. Be curious! What exactly is it that you are feeling?
Welcome and sit with the emotion for a while and ask questions.
What does this relate to? Is this circumstantial, such as a job that’s affecting your health, or a mindset, such as people-pleasing?
Are you living in a manner that’s at odds with who you are? Are we compromising who you want to be for what you think we “should” be?
What courageous changes could you make?
Look at nature around you. What is the one thing there that is fearlessly being itself? How does this inspire you to be more authentic?
       Carefree girls jumping 

Mindful Authenticity 

Of course, compromise is an essential element in relationships. Mindfulness encourages us to be realistic and brave about what we want to change. If we are coming from a place of authenticity, we show up in a kinder and more generous way for others. Looking after ourselves helps us to be able to look after others better. Making changes to move towards authenticity is not always easy, but is ours to take. And that’s when it gets exciting! Transformation is possible, and we have the tools to make it happen…


References: Grounded by Ruth Allen, Soulfulness by Brian Draper


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