Wintering Well

Four Scents Team


The rush and excitement of Christmas is over, and Spring feels a long way off… Many of us struggle in this season of in-between, where the days are still cold and short and (unless there’s a celebration of some kind), it can feel like there’s nothing to look forward to.

What if we were to reframe this time?

A clue can be found in the name of our fourth season – Winter 'Rest'. To look through the lens of rest gives us permission to slow down, refocus and recharge for all that the year ahead holds. Why not use this slower season as an opportunity for some much-needed self-care?

At Four Scents, our Winter Rest botanical blend was crafted with this in mind. Not only does the smoky, earthy fragrance invoke the comfort of open fires on frosty days, but each of the essential oils have wellbeing properties that can help boost us physically and emotionally.


Cedarwood has antimicrobial qualities and benefits the respiratory system – in the season where bugs are much more prevalent, particularly those that can affect our breathing, this is a Winter essential. It is said to help boost confidence.


Clove similarly has that beautiful warming effect and can work as a tonic to soothe tired muscles and help bring in relief from colds. As well as bringing relief, it lends a sense of contentment.

Warming Cinnamon benefits those with rheumatism, especially with the colder weather bringing on more discomfort. It also has a positive effect on digestion – where some of us tend to lean towards richer comfort food, this provides the balance we need. By its very nature, cinnamon promotes feelings of happiness and comfort.

Oudh, too, has a positive effect on digestion and is well known for strengthening the body, linking in with our theme of replenishment. Its stimulating properties help encourage positivity.

Petitgrain brings a lighter side to our blend, bringing a calming touch but also boasts antimicrobial qualities. It is said to help promote harmony and restore joyfulness – a wonderful counterbalance to the dark days.

Woody Spikenard brings in a restorative touch and helps to soothe aching joints, therefore a fantastic post-workout tonic. It encourages feelings of peace; with all that goes on in our lives, who doesn’t wish for this?

Last but not least is Vetiver, with its earthy, calming fragrance underpinning the blend. It also has antimicrobial qualities and helps calm muscle and joint pain. It helps to feel grounded – a great basis to start the year on.

These beautiful botanicals work synergistically together to create the soothing, positive benefits to help promote winter wellness and encourage this season of nurture and restoration. This can be brought into the atmosphere of your home through our Diffusers, Room Mists, or adding our Essential Oil Blend to your oil burner or electronic diffuser. Our candles have the additional benefit of creating the ambient glow that lends a sense of cheer, comfort and warmth. Or how about treating yourself to a luxurious soak with our Himalayan Bath Salts? You will also benefit from the nourishing properties of these ancient crystals, packed with 84 essential trace elements to help promote everyday health. They also help the skin to retain moisture, a must at this time of year when our skin tends to be dried out by external elements, such as central heating or the change in temperature.

For a real revitalising Winter treat, you could create your own bespoke massage oil. We have suggested the luxurious blend of Rosehip Oil and Winter Rest, focusing on its regenerative qualities and rich antioxidant content. However, you could consider our Jojoba Oil – this is particularly good at protecting the skin from the elements, retaining moisture well. Its molecular structure is similar to that of sebum, which it why it works so well on the skin.

The other option is our Argan Oil – this is fast absorbing and helps to treat a variety of skin conditions due to its antimicrobial properties. Its light texture is particularly beneficial for blemish-prone skin. Whatever combination suits you best, you can be sure that absorbing these beautiful oils will help you on your journey to turning the season from dreary to restoring.



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