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Essential oils are concentrated, natural chemical compounds extracted from plants. Essential because they contain the very essence of a plant’s scent and flavour. As well as giving a plant its scent, they have a myriad of important functions, such as protecting the plant from hazardous environmental conditions, and many benefits, including assisting with pollination. This combination of natural scent and beneficial properties makes essential oils a wonderful addition to our homes and lifestyles.
Why is sustainable living vital today? 
The essential oils are found within the plants themselves, in the roots, the flowers, the seeds and the bark. They need to be extracted, either by water or steam distillation or by using mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. The pure form of the oils is very potent and needs to be handled carefully. When used directly on the skin, essential oils will usually be combined with a carrier oil to avoid adverse reactions or damage, and when used as a scent, in a candle for example, can be carefully added to the wax. The extraction process is important to maintain the oils’ purity. Those extracted using chemical processes are not regarded as true essential oils. The Four Scents essential oils are pure, extracted 100% naturally without the use of harmful solvents and not diluted or containing any form of chemicals. They are sourced from around the world, from sites chosen for the potency of the scents of each separate botanical.

FOUR SCENTS ESSENTIAL OILS AND OUR ALCHEMIST PERFUMERWe have our own Alchemist Perfumer, Denise. She has spent a lifetime researching and exploring our sense of smell through essential oils, plants and herbs, examining the effect they have on our minds, bodies, and souls. This knowledge has enabled her to create unique aromatic combinations, one for each of our candles. Denise has travelled the world, discovering where the most potent essential ingredients grow. She sources our oils from exotic and far reaching locations, including Provence, Italy, Southern India, South America, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the Himalayas.


Essential oil practitioners use them to treat a number of conditions and their efficacy is wide-ranging. They also have many uses in and around the home:
  • Natural alternative to medicine: essential oils can be used in place of manufactured medicines for a number of ailments, including anxiety, insomnia, headaches, indigestion and nausea.
  • Natural alternative to household cleaning products: most household cleaning products are made with chemicals to kill bacteria. However, these can be harmful to your health and the chemicals can linger around your home. Many essential oils have antibacterial properties and, when diluted with water, make fantastic cleaning alternatives which are eco-friendly, kind to you and your family, and smell wonderful.
  • Natural scents for your home: we all like our homes to smell inviting and fresh. Air fresheners can contain harmful chemicals and are often overly scented. Filling your home with eco-soya wax candles made with essential oils releases subtle, natural aromas that linger and smell wholesome.
  • Natural skincare: essential oils can be added to your skincare routine Always seek professional advice before applying essential oils to the skin.
More and more people are turning to alternative remedies, which includes essential oils. Anything that smells so wonderful is at the very least good for your soul and when using pure essential oils, also better for your health and the environment.

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