Sustainability: What does it really mean?

Four Scents Team

Sustainability: What does it really mean?

Sustainability is defined as a system that can be maintained over time at a certain level without using up the available resources. However, in more recent times sustainability has become a way of discussing how the natural world and the human population can co-exist on our planet.

Scientists and governments are working together to find a long term solution for our environmental crisis. Attempting to maintain the standard of living that we have currently while preserving the planet for future generations.

Why is sustainable living vital today?

The ecological crisis we have precipitated in the natural world means that sustainability and how to achieve it has become the most pressing question of the modern age. Scientists tell us that the planet is going into the sixth great extinction event in its history. Hundreds of species, both plant and animals, are already on the verge of disappearing for good. Conservation experts predict a biological annihilation as wild habitats are decimated by the thousands. If we act now though, it’s not too late. As a society we can make a difference by moving away from ecologically damaging lifestyles and by making an effort to be more sustainable in what we buy and use day to day.

What can we do to be more sustainable?

We all live busy lives and sometimes find ourselves unable to spend the amount of time we would like to ensure we are making the most sustainable choices. Despite this, the average person today is far more aware of how we can better tailor our choices to be as sustainable as possible. The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular to reduce the impact of the farming industry on the planet. It is small substitutions every day that are going to make the biggest difference in how we impact the natural world. These choices are supported by the growth of organic and eco-friendly food and fashion brands, as many businesses are making an effort to make sustainable choices to create eco-friendly and recyclable products.

Many industries are having a profound impact on the planet, from disposable plastic straws and chemicals used by farmers, to fast fashion. Many countries, including the UK, still have much to do when it comes to creating a truly sustainable lifestyle. Customers are demanding change, from petitions to reduce excess plastic packaging in supermarkets, to buying clothes second hand to reduce waste. There are hundreds of ways to make sure you are reducing your damage to the planet.

What are Four Scents doing to be more sustainable?

At Four Scents we are dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that our candles remain as eco-friendly as possible. Using 100% natural ingredients, our vegan-friendly candles are made from the highest quality materials with entirely recyclable packaging. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that you can enjoy our candles while being reassured of their minimal environmental impact. Our candles contain eco-soya wax and pure essential oils, all of which are all sustainably sourced - so relax and enjoy!

You can read more about how Four Scents strive for sustainability across our range on our sustainability page.

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