Mother's Day 2023 Ultimate Gift

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Mother's Day 2023 Ultimate Gift Guide - Present Ideas £25 to £250

Every year is punctuated by several notable holidays that allow us to say thanks to our loved ones, and Mother’s Day is no exception. While it’s always thoughtful to spoil our Mother at any time of the year, Mothering Sunday always feels that extra bit special, especially when we choose a gift we know that they will truly appreciate. As well as buying a gift for mums, some also use Mother’s Day as the perfect excuse to treat their mothers-in-law, grandmothers or anyone else close to us who also deserve to know we appreciate them. 

So, if you are in search of a gift for Mother’s Day 2023, then we’ve got you covered. Here at Four Scents, we produce exquisite home fragrances spanning candles, reed diffusers, collections and accessories. Here are our top picks from our Four Scents range to inspire you.

In search of the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2023? Before we get into our gift guide, we wanted to let you know that if you do purchase any of our products, for just an extra £1, we will beautifully personalise your gift with our Send A Scent feature. When you go to the checkout, a gift option will appear on the checkout page. Simply press ‘Add a message’, and a box will appear, which will allow you to select the occasion and add a custom message to your gift. 

As well as Mother’s Day, our Scent A Scent gift option can also be customised for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, house warmings, thank yous, congratulations, or newborn baby celebrations. We also allow you to create a custom message too. So, no need to worry about writing a card or finding gift wrap - we’ll do all the hard work for you! Your package will then arrive beautifully presented, ready to give to your recipient. 




It is no coincidence that Mother’s Day lands in spring, which is the season of rebirth and nurturing. As the daffodils start to appear and the first lambs are born, spring is the time in which we look to brighter days ahead, and our home environment is no exception. Alongside the obligatory ‘spring clean’, now is also the time to switch up our personal scent and home fragrances too. 

Out are the heavy spicier or woody fragrances that give us warmth and comfort in the wintertime. In their place come the fresh notes of lemongrass, bergamot, lime, vanilla and ylang ylang, which can be found in our Spring Heavenly Allure Reed Diffuser. Unlike a bouquet of flowers which is a typical Mother’s Day gift, a reed diffuser will give continuous enjoyment for up to four months. It also creates a beautiful statement piece wherever it is placed, whether in the entrance of the home, in the hallway, bedroom or bathroom. Therefore, reed diffusers offer up plenty of versatility for your gift recipient.

Shop Four Scents Spring Heavenly Allure Reed Diffuser




New to all things reed diffusers? Quite simply, a reed diffuser contains several reeds which absorb the fragrance and gently emit each of the notes into the room. The reeds sit at different angles, which helps to give an even distribution of the scent. Unlike a candle, reed diffusers do not need to be lit or extinguished and effectively work continuously until the fragrance runs out. The reed diffusers you’ll find at Four Scents last for up to four months. 

Reed diffusers are an excellent way to freshen up any space in your home and also have the advantage of being extremely visually attractive too. All Four Scents reed diffusers are housed in gorgeous glass bottles and are supplied with our deluxe bamboo reed diffusers. 





Want to experience the same fragrant notes of lemongrass, bergamot, lime, vanilla and ylang ylang but within a candle? Our Spring Heavenly Allure Scented Candle will allow you to do just that. If you’ve never purchased a candle that has been made from real botanical ingredients before, then your gift recipient will be in for a real treat. Rest assured, they’ll be able to smell the difference as the fresh and citrusy notes of bergamot and lime fill their home. The result gives a nurturing, welcoming feel to the space that will make the room the candle is placed in even more enjoyable to spend time in. 

Available in three different sizing options (plus featuring in our Mini Candle Collection and Seasonal Scented Collection), our candles offer plenty of flexibility for all budgets. If you are purchasing this candle and want to make it into a gift bundle, you can also pair it with our candle accessories which you’ll find details of below. 

Sizing options: Traveller (£25)   Single Wick (£45)   Triple Wick (£75)





If you’re looking to give something that will last well beyond the Mother’s Day season, then the Mini Candle Collection should be a top consideration. Featuring a candle from each season, this particular gift set not only comes packaged in a delightful gift box, but offers a combined burn time of 60 hours. 

Take a journey through all of the seasons with notes that begin on a fresher note such as lemongrass, lime and vanilla, before moving on to warmer yet sweet notes of mandarin, tuberose, neroli and thyme, frankincense, rose and vetivert. The journey will conclude with the woody, headier notes of clove, cinnamon and oudh as we head into our Winter Alpine Clarity Candle

We particularly like giving the Mini Candle Collection as a Mother’s Day gift, because it’s a gift that keeps on giving since it will be with your recipient for the full year ahead, depending on how long the candles are burned for at a time. 

Shop Four Scents Mini Candle Collection





On a similar trail of thought to our Mini Candle Collection, our Seasonal Collection Scented Candles aims to go one step further, featuring an incredible 12 individual candles with a combined burn time of up to 180 hours. This particular gift set comes packaged in a gift box. Your recipient will find one of our delightful candles behind each drawer. Therefore, the gift box becomes just as much part of the excitement, creating a stunning visual display as it does so. 

It’s unusual to find advent calendar style gifts outside of Christmas time, which is what makes our Seasonal Collection Scented Candles gift set so unique. We’re sure that if your gift recipient appreciates all things home fragrance, they’ll be delighted to receive this gift for Mother’s Day or for any other occasion.

Shop Four Scents Seasonal Collection Scented Candles





Sometimes, you just can’t decide on a gift, and that’s okay! Gift cards will always come to the rescue, especially as you can customise how much you want to spend and even the personal message that will be attached to them. Gift cards are also ideal if you don’t live close enough to your recipient to give them your gift in person.

Our Four Scents gift cards are digital, meaning all we need is the email address of your recipient to send your gift. We have options to cover the cost of a particular collection ranging from £25 to £250. We also stock regular gift cards ranging from £25 to £100. This option allows your recipient to be able to choose from any of our candles, reed diffusers or collections. 

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For any true candle enthusiasts, why not complete your purchase with our Luxury Candle Care Kit? Containing everything your recipient needs to manage their candle, including our Wick Trimmer, Wick Dipper, Wick Snuffer and Tray, our kit is an extremely elegant addition to any home, that also helps to prolong the life of the candle. 

Shop Four Scents Luxury Candle Care Kit



The Four Scents Difference


We appreciate that there are lots of fragrance names on the market, from those who make low-cost candles and accessories to those who charge a premium for their home fragrance products. But did you know that cost isn’t always indicative of quality? In fact, many home fragrance brands on the market use synthetic ingredients, including some well known brands you may associate with the higher end of the market. 

Here at Four Scents, we only use real botanical ingredients in our luxury candles and reed diffusers. So, when we list ingredients such as thyme, clove, cedarwood, neroli, lemongrass, oudh, petitgrain, vanilla, rose geranium, frankincense etc. - we mean the real ingredient has been used! 

In addition, our candles are hand poured in Kent, England. We apply extreme care and attention to each aspect of the candle and reed diffuser making process so that any products you purchase from us offer a genuine experience. As well as being free from synthetic ingredients, our products are also non-toxic, vegan friendly, organic, botanical in origin, kosher, halal and positive on your wellbeing. Our Wax is 100% Natural Soy of the highest quality, derived from 100% plant based vegetable soybeans, GM Free and sustainably and ecologically sourced. Our Candles and Reed Diffusers contains no parabens or paraffin.  Jojoba Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin D & Vitamin A, antibacterial and very versatile, hence used for a smoother burn in all our Scented Candles.

We’re proud to differentiate ourselves from what the vast majority of the home fragrance market offers to consumers because we believe that only the best will do. So, whether you’re purchasing a candle or reed diffuser for yourself or as a gift, we know that you or your recipient will certainly notice and appreciate the Four Scents difference. 



Mother’s Day Gift Guide FAQs


We’ve answered some of the most common questions about Mother’s Day gifts and home fragrance in general below. 

Don’t see your question answered? Skip to the end of this post to find our contact information, and we’d be happy to help you. 



When Is Mother’s Day 2023?

Mother’s Day in the UK falls on Sunday, March 27th, 2023. If you are reading this post in the USA, Australia or any other country, please be advised that your Mother’s Day will likely fall on a different day to us here in the UK. 

At present, we do not ship our products internationally, but keep your eyes peeled on our website as this is something we hope to offer in the near future. 



How Do You Make Candles?

We’re glad you asked! All of our candles are made by us and are hand poured in England. We have a resident alchemist that considers each of our fragrance notes and the effects that can be created when particular notes are fused. 

We use a sumptuous blend of ingredients to make each of our candles. You can read more about our candle making process here



How To Burn A Candle Evenly

If candles don’t burn evenly, then this can cause what’s known as candle tunnelling. It’s easy to ensure your candle will burn evenly, as all you have to do is extend the amount of burn time. 

We recommend allowing your candles to burn for around 4 hours to ensure an even burn, so long as they are not left unattended. For example, lighting your candles in the early evening so that they have enough time to get going, meaning the wax will melt evenly across the top layer of the wax, rather than the heat being focused on the central area around the wick. In addition, our Candle Care Kit, which we’ve mentioned above, will help you manage your candle to prolong its lifespan.



Mother’s Day Gifts Top Tips

We’re a small team based in the UK, and we want to ensure that your gift arrives in time for Mother’s Day or any other occasion you may be ordering a gift for. Our deliveries take 4-5 days to process. So, please place any Mother’s Day orders by Monday, March 13th 2023

We may also experience delays around peak periods, which is why we also encourage you to place your order at the earliest convenience so that your gift will arrive with plenty of time to spare. If you have any queries about orders or delivery, please use the contact information we’ve listed below. 


Ideas For Mother’s Day Gifts - Need More Help? 

We hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas for your Mother’s day gift, and indeed any other special occasions that might be coming up which you require a gift for. If you’re in need of any further advice to select the perfect gift, then the Four Scents team is here to help.

Please drop us a message if you’d like to know more about our products. Alternatively, you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram, where we post regular content about all things home fragrance. 

Or, if you’d simply like to browse all of our luxury scented candles and reed diffusers, then click here to shop all of our products. 

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