Introducing Serenity Spa

Four Scents Team

Looking beyond the four seasons, we explored nature’s answers to life's stresses.


In conversation with others and in our culture, there’s a longing to find ways of unwinding, especially when it comes to sleeping better.
Lavender and Chamomile top the list as aromatherapy’s answer, but is there more?
We discovered there were many oils that boasted sedative qualities that deserved a space in the spotlight…and so we are proud to introduce our brand-new blend, Serenity Spa.



How Labdanum Essential Oil Helps Sleep


An unsung hero is the warm and comforting Labdanum. Derived from the sticky resin of leaves and branches of the Rock Rose, it shares properties of many oils from the resin family, such as Frankincense and Palo Santo – the ability to encourage deeper breathing. Stop and check your breathing. Chances are, it’s coming from the chest, rapid and shallow. Ever noticed that when you see a baby asleep, its tummy is rising and falling? Have a go putting your hand on your tummy and pushing it away with your next breath. Oxygen is getting where it needs to be, and as a result, you are likely to begin to feel a bit calmer.


It's often the case when struggling to sleep, we are agitated and not breathing deeply. Intentionally focusing and regulating our breath doesn’t come easily and there’s nothing like a soothing, deep and earthy fragrance such as Labdanum to encourage a more mindful state. Flowing from this, the emotions tend to become more grounded, providing the foundation for feeling restful.


The amber notes of Labdanum encapsulated the concept of serenity and sleep, so we knew this was the perfect place to start.




How Jasmine Essential Oil Helps Sleep


Jasmine is a much-loved perfume ingredient and celebrated for its sensuous properties, but did you know it is fantastic to help prepare for sleep? The primary ingredient, linalool, can mimic a sedative effect on nerve activity and mood, lowering the heart rate. This is particularly good if you struggle to fall asleep, and pairing Jasmine with grounding oils such as Labdanum serve to increase this effect. It’s not just about falling asleep either.


A study in 2002 ( showed that those sleeping in a Jasmine-infused space moved less during the night, were less anxious and more mentally alert when they woke up. Besides all this, what transports you to the spa atmosphere quite like Jasmine? It’s sweet, exotic notes exude the tranquillity, restfulness and wellbeing of a spa day.




How Patchouli Essential Oil Helps Sleep


Another oil that caught our attention was Patchouli. Popularly associated with being the “scent of the ‘60s” there’s more to this earthy, musky fragrance. Patchouli is a natural sedative, and this was confirmed in a study by the Journal of Natural Medicine in 2011 (


Its natural chemicals, Patchoulol and Caryophyllene, help increase production of neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine, which help lower and ease anxiety and stress – and importantly, hormones that regulate sleep cycles. In easing busy minds, it boosts the quality of your sleep too.




How Rose Essential Oil Helps Sleep


Rose is another perfumery classic that doubles as an effective remedy for restlessness. In helping to soothe anxious thoughts and promote emotional balance, inhaling Rose essential oil lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. This influences brain signals, preparing the body for sleep. One study showed that smelling Rose while you sleep can help improve your memory (!


Sometimes, a poor night sleep isn’t just down to rumination – pain is a real sleep disruptor. Amazingly, Rose has been shown to have analgesic qualities, meaning that inhalation helps reduce the severity of pain ( Additionally, this same study showed that Rose improved sleep quality by 42%.




How Geranium Essential Oil Helps Sleep

Perfectly paired benefits are also found in Geranium, sitting well alongside Rose and enhancing once another. It, too, relaxes the body and mind, in particular having a cooling action. Hormonal issues can disturb rest, so this is where Geranium comes in, with its primary action to bring in balance to the hormones and soothe, lowering the heart rate. Soothing inflammation, Geranium also has the benefit of helping to reduce sinusitis-induced snoring and to help calm headaches.




How Vanilla Essential Oil Helps Sleep

Vanilla isn’t the first oil that comes to mind when looking for sleep solutions, however, we discovered that it had many properties lending to a good night’s rest. A calming and sedative substance, Vanilla promotes relaxation, working on both physical and mental levels in relieving tension. It also influences the respiratory centre in the brain – the National Centre of Scientific Research in France discovered that cushions containing vanillin, the main compound in Vanilla, helped relieve symptoms of sleep apnoea in premature babies. It additionally soothes symptoms of colds and allergies when inhaled. Vanilla also helps tackle uncomfortable bloating and cramps that can keep us awake.




How Bergamot Essential Oil Helps Sleep

 The finishing touch had to be Bergamot. This impressive multitasking oil boasts benefits to help sleep too, which is unusual for a citrus oil. Unlike other citrus oils, it has a harmonising and balancing effect. It has properties that work on a physical level, tackling issues that can keep us awake. It can help soothe indigestion, coughs and respiratory discomfort. Its cooling action can be beneficial when suffering from fever or night sweats. One of its components, linalool, which has the ability to block effects on pain receptors. Having the ability to lower the stress hormone, cortisol, this in turn helps to lower the heart rate and blood pressure. Its most well-known benefit is to help reduce nervous tension, relaxing mind and body, providing sound sleep. A recent study in August 2023 confirmed this ( What’s not to like?


The synergy of these wonderful oils combine to produce a floral, gently sweet fragrance with resinous amber undertones that work harmoniously to encourage a deep sense of calm and peace. In the busyness of life, we invite you to create an atmosphere of relaxation to help you unwind, whether it be a gentle background fragrance with our Room Mists or Diffuser, a tranquil candlelit soak with our Himalayan Bath Salts, or a spritz of our Pillow Mist. You’re worth taking care of!






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