Essential Oils for Summer

Four Scents Team

What essential oils capture Summer and Radiance?

The scent trail took us on a journey to source oils that not only best reflect the feelings of light and warmth, but would be packed with holistic benefits too... 


Introduction to Mandarin Essential Oil

Italy was our starting point where we discovered Mandarin to serve as a light, cheerful top note. A traditional offering to the Chinese mandarins, the fruit was used in Chinese medicine to treat liver, digestive and chest discomfort before it arrived in Europe. The sweet citrus oil, too, has many properties that make this particularly popular.

Soothing Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

The lack of toxicity makes this a unique member of the citrus essential oil family. As a result, this is especially suitable for children, its soothing qualities helping to calm restlessness. Adults also benefit from its calming fragrance, helping to combat nervous tension and stress-related conditions.

Digestion Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

As with the fruit, Mandarin is a mild digestive tonic to help treat indigestion and a sluggish digestive system and again, also suitable for helping to treat hiccups or colic in children.

Skincare Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

In skincare, its tonifying properties make Mandarin helpful in treating oily and blemish-prone skin, evening out skin tone. Its detoxifying qualities can be used in treating water retention and cellulite. Helping to boost blood flow, mandarin can brighten the complexion for a more radiant appearance.

Holistic Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin also brings radiance to the personality, encouraging positivity about your strengths and bringing about a better sense of self-worth.

Introduction to Petitgrain Essential Oil

It was in North America that Petitgrain came to our attention. From the leaves and twigs of the same tree as the bitter orange plant, it is a less refined version of the blossom – floral but with a woody, bittersweet and fresh undertone. This complemented mandarin perfectly to make this our second top note, bringing in a herbaceous touch.

Calming Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oil

Refreshing and uplifting, Petitgrain is helpful to bring in calm and ease anxiety, especially where fatigue has set in. Soothing on the nerves, Petitgrain protects them from the adverse effects of shock and anger.

Skincare Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oil

When it comes to radiant skin, Petitgrain is an unsung hero. Soothing inflammation and an antimicrobial oil, it calms problematic conditions and redness. It helps pores to appear smaller, and the skin looks smoother as a result. A lovely combination of balancing and cleansing properties, it helps balance the skin’s sebum levels, so it doesn’t overproduce and leads to a glowing complexion.

Holistic Benefits of Petitgrain Essential Oil

Petitgrain helps to soothe spasms in the body, whether they be continuous coughs or cramps, inducing relaxation in the tissues, muscles and nerves. It also helps to bring relief from nausea.
Contributing to the essence of radiance, Petitgrain does just this by boosting feelings of joy and courage, particularly in times of challenge. It also helps promote calm and hope, bringing in positivity.

Introduction to Rose Essential Oil

The journey’s end was in India, which turned out to be bountiful in incredible essential oils, where we discovered the three that would make just the right heart and base notes.
For the heart note, we chose Rose Absolute. What better oil to encapsulate the essence of summer? Perfumery’s most renowned ingredient, Rose’s sweet, rich and mellow fragrance has been used for centuries, but has also been distilled for its medicinal properties in many different civilizations throughout history.

Calming Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

The parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) benefits from Rose’s strengthening qualities, as it decreases the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) activity. Therefore, it is great at helping to treat stress-related conditions. It also helps to combat feelings of depression and to promote feeling more confident and attractive.

Skincare Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose is synonymous with radiant skin – its benefits are well known in reducing redness and enhancing the skin’s natural glow thanks to it helping soothe inflammation. As an excellent oil to treat scarring, Rose helps to protect and repair the skin and is therefore beneficial in promoting a youthful complexion. It is also deeply nourishing which is why Rose is a much-loved skincare ingredient.

Digestion Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

The less well-known side to Rose is that it’s beneficial to the digestive system. Its sedative qualities make it great for soothing stomach cramps, bloating and indigestion. It can also help to relieve feelings of nausea and its inflammation soothing properties helps protect the stomach from ulcers. Rose can also help liver function thanks to its soothing effects.

Holistic Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Emotionally, Rose can help to overcome feelings of disappointment and frustration, encouraging you to become more tolerant and compassionate. This in turn brings radiance back into your life and personality.

Introduction to Neroli Essential Oil

The heart note to partner with Rose was another beautiful floral oil – Neroli, or orange blossom. A classic eau de cologne and perfume ingredient, Neroli’s warm, sweet and fresh fragrance has been loved since ancient times, arriving in Europe in the 16th century.


Calming Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

This wonderfully relaxing oil has the benefit of being uplifting as well as calming. Its main action is to benefit the nervous system, renowned for being the rescue remedy of the essential oil world. It helps to clear the mind and lift the spirits, benefiting those who are suffering with exhaustion, anxiety and low moods. Neroli is also effective in calming those suffering with grief and shock.


Skin Care Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli’s low toxicity makes it a useful skin care ingredient. It is particularly good in treating dry and mature skin thanks to its hydrating and rejuvenating properties. It can also be helpful in treating broken capillaries and preventing stretch marks. As well as replenishing, Neroli provides skin with a protective barrier and helps balance the production of sebum, ensuring it remains radiant.


Circulatory Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

The relaxing properties of Neroli has a positive effect on circulatory health. Any problems relating from tension, such as an irregular heartbeat or palpitations can benefit from Neroli, and likewise, any digestive issues from a nervous origin can be effectively treated with it too.


Holistic Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli conveys radiance through its ability to help you relax - particularly if you are concealing anxiety behind a cool exterior. In encouraging you becoming less remote from others, it enables you to participate in life more fully. 


Introduction to Tuberose Essential Oil

We discovered Tuberose to be just the right base note to underpin our blend. It is said that this rich, creamy, floral fragrance was used by the Aztecs to perfume chocolate and in traditional medicine before it became a high-quality perfumery ingredient in 17th century France. A little of this powerful, exotic fragrance goes a long way in rounding off our blend and experiencing its benefits.


Calming Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil

The honey-like, warming tones give Tuberose its sedative qualities. So, it’s ideal in helping handle emotional trauma, low moods, anger, anxiety and any negative impact on the nervous system, partnering well with Neroli to restore balance and calm.


Skincare Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil

Deeply nourishing, it also benefits the health of skin. Tuberose’s ability to lock in moisture is particularly beneficial for dry or mature skin; it’s also helpful in treating scarring and cracked heels (a common summertime lament!). Its antimicrobial qualities mean Tuberose can help treat inflamed and problem skin.


Holistic Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil

The warming and relaxing properties of Tuberose benefit both circulation and the respiratory tract helping to reduce spasms, muscle aches and cramps. It also helps to being relief from excessive mucus and coughing, helping soothe hay fever and asthma symptoms.

Tuberose contributes a sense of radiance thanks to is grounding, fortifying and empowering qualities. It is particularly helpful in turbulent or unexpected times of change, encouraging to dispel negativity. Wonderfully stabilising, Tuberose counters tough situations by instilling a positive response.

Wellbeing Duo Benefits

Summer Radiance synergistically blends the botanicals that home in on warmth, positivity and relaxation, capturing the feelings this much-loved season brings.

Blending this with our carrier oils furthers the goodness of the beautiful Essential Oil Blend – our featured Revitalising Duo with Rosehip Oil is a rich treat for dry, dull or mature skin, pairing Rosehip’s hydrating and skin regenerating properties with Summer Radiance's soothing and toning benefits. Our Tummy Tonic Duo harnesses Jojoba Oil’s nourishing qualities with the calming, sedative aspects that Summer Radiance brings to help ease digestive discomfort. Pairing Summer Radiance with Argan Oil and its lightweight, skin-loving high vitamin E content, makes for a deeply relaxing massage oil or luxurious body oil. A little goes a long way with Summer Radiance – 1 drop is enough to blend with any of the carrier oils.


Summer Radiance Essential Oil Blend

Alternatively, you can bring this exotic blend into your home environment through a spritz of Room Mist, the gentle background fragrance provided by our Reed Diffusers, or the subtle glow of our candles – our traveller candles provide a little luxurious home comfort to accompany you on your holidays. Even our Himalayan Bath Salts come in handy 50g travel sizes. Or treat yourself to the full-size version for a truly restorative soak, benefitting from the pure, mineral rich salts, moisture-boosting jojoba oil and the serenity-inducing fragrance.

Evoking the mellow glow of Summer, this is not just a blend for the moment, but can be enjoyed long after the season has faded to revisit the radiance and appreciate the benefits for the mind, body and spirit.


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