Aromatherapy for Energy

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Why essential oils are the natural alternative to fight fatigue... 


With days getting brighter and longer during Spring, this generally lifts the spirits. Nature is putting all its energies into growth too, whether it’s young animals or plant life. And yet…truth be told, a lot of us struggle with energy levels. Life can be demanding and draining at times and the zing of Spring seems to be doing its best to elude us.
Aromatherapy diffuser with energising oils     

Can Aromatherapy Help Boost Energy?

My first brush with aromatherapy was a day where I turned up to my new job ridiculously tired. Tempted to get a second cup of coffee, my plans were put on hold by a beautiful scent coming from the workplace diffusers. I was reliably informed that the particular blend was to boost energy and alertness, and being sceptical by nature, I dismissed it. However, half an hour later, and the temptation of coffee was no longer there. To my great surprise, the blend had indeed woken me up and kept me focused! And the rest is history…


Diagram of the Olfactory System


How Does Aromatherapy Work to Help Energise?

It’s a lot like music. Just like a tune can stir up memories and emotions, so can scents. The way this works is through what’s known as the Olfactory system. When aromatic molecules are breathed in, after travelling to the top of the nose, they come into contact with nerve cells - the Olfactory receptors. These specialised cells have tiny hairs that recognise specific scents through a process called ‘lock and key’. This means that each hair will only recognise a particular scent. Then, this produces nerve impulses, sending messages to the brain through the Olfactory nerve. The part of the brain that is connected with survival, instincts and emotions, called the Limbic System, receives these messages and stimulates activity. This results in the release of hormones, such as Serotonin or Endorphins, which help regulate many body functions – sleep or digestion, for example. It’s not just about functions, but helpful in other ways, for instance, lowering perception of pain and reducing anxiety.

In essence, certain essential oils associated with energy send messages to the brain, releasing the hormones that boost the mood, increasing energy levels as a result.  

Examples of energising essential oils

What Essential Oils Are Best for Energy?

Here is a selection of some of the energising oils out there…
Lime: This zingy citrus oil helps reinvigorate productivity when feeling stuck. It’s refreshing aroma helps boost mental energy and uplifts the senses.
Orange: Uplifting to mind and body, this oil extracted from the peel is refreshing, encourages mental clarity and promotes positivity.
Lemongrass: Boasts mood-boosting and restorative properties. It encourages optimism and helps maintain alertness.
Peppermint: Contains Menthol and Menthone that produce its stimulating and motivating qualities. Improves alertness and concentration.
Bergamot: The more balancing member of the citrus family, it has the beneficial property of being soothing as well as stimulating. It promotes feelings of cheer and freshness.
Rosemary: A more herbaceous scent, it is renowned for increasing focus and concentration. It helps to regulate stress levels and fight fatigue.
Cinnamon: This spicy oil enhances the mood with its warming aroma. It helps to increase natural energy and improve focus – particularly potent when paired with a citrus oil.
  Four Scents Body Wash and Moisturiser in bathroom  

A Four Scents Energising Routine

Containing Bergamot, Lemongrass and Lime, our Spring Vitality blend is your go-to for a burst of positivity and motivation. Kick-start the day the right way with an invigorating shower using our Vitality Body & Hand Wash. Follow with the skin-nourishing Vitality Body & Hand Moisturiser to let the subtle fragrance stay with you throughout the day.  Enliven whatever environment you’re in with a spritz of our Vitality Room Mist – better still, it’s small enough to pop in your bag for on the go. Or for a gentle background fragrance to uplift the atmosphere, look no further than our Spring Vitality Reed Diffuser.  Our Cleansing Duo Ritual doesn’t just have to work for cleansing – a blend of Organic Jojoba Oil with Spring Vitality Essential Oil can be dabbed on the pulse points for a pick-me-up when the afternoon slump hits. Use again at the end of the day to harnesses the cleansing and balancing properties of the essential oils with the hydrating qualities of Jojoba Oil to create your own bespoke cleanser.
    Carefree woman to represent feeling energised 

Why Aromatherapy for Energy?

It’s a natural alternative to counter the day-to-day sluggishness. Essential oils won’t give you the caffeine jitters and work quickly to give you the boost you need. They help balance the nervous system and reset it. Energising oils revitalise the mind and body, promote alertness and alleviate tiredness without disrupting sleep patterns. However, if you are experiencing chronic tiredness, this could be a deeper issue, for which we always recommend a healthcare professional. But for those days that are especially tough, aromatherapy is worth incorporating into your routine to fight fatigue and bring back the optimism of Spring.

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