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Botanical Name: Citrus Bergamia


A Balancing Tonic for the Nervous System
Promotes Skin Health
Helps the Digestive System


Aroma: Sweet and Fresh with warm Floral Notes.
A member of the citrus family, Bergamot’s distinctive fragrance is synonymous with Earl Grey Tea. The fruit looks like a bumpy green lemon, being a hybrid of a lemon and a sour orange. Cooling and refreshing, Bergamot’s balancing qualities make it a much-loved essential oil.

History: Believed to have originated in South East Asia; brought out of Asia to Persia along the Silk Road, and then introduced to the Mediterranean and beyond. Hybridised in Italy by horticulturalists around 1000 A.D. giving us the contemporary version. Used in Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese, Native American and Italian folk medicine for centuries for both physical and emotional health. Famous in the perfumery industry as the main constituent of eau de cologne, Bergamot is also used in flavourings and some pharmaceutical products.

- A Balancing Tonic for the Nervous System
- Promotes Skin Health
- Helps the Digestive System
How Does Bergamot Benefit the Nervous System?
It has both uplifting and calming properties, and is highly effective in relieving feelings of stress and anxiety. This in turn can help treat pain and tension. The uplifting element can help with alertness and confidence.

How Does Bergamot Promote Skin Health?
It is a natural cleanser thanks to its antimicrobial and deodorising qualities that help balance sebum levels. Soothing inflammation, Bergamot can help reduce bacteria on the skin that cause breakouts. The astringent properties help to tighten pores, which benefits oily skin.

How Does Bergamot Help the Digestive System?
Calms colic and indigestion due to its cooling qualities. Bergamot is known to stimulate digestive juices and can help regulate the appetite. Massaging Bergamot in a carrier oil in a clockwise direction over the abdomen helps ease digestion.

Note: Photosensitive – unless it states that it's the FCF free version, avoid sun exposure for 12 hours after application to skin.
Aromatherapy – Add to diffuser to promote a sense of calm and positivity.
Bath – Dilute in a dispersant to benefit from its soothing qualities.
Massage – Dilute in a carrier oil. This helps soothe inflammation and helps to reduce breakouts.
Hair Care - Dilute with your favourite shampoo to promote hair growth and a healthy scalp.
Cleaning – Follow a tested recipe to make the most of Bergamot’s antimicrobial properties.
Candles and Soaps – A great top note for blends.



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