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Botanical Name: Melissa Officinalis


Promotes Skin Health
Soothes Inflammation


Aroma: Lemony, Herbaceous and Balsamic.

An aromatic herb native to central and southern Europe, Melissa has been used for medicinal home remedy purposes for centuries. Melissa-Aroma

History: Used for over 2,000 years beginning with the Greeks and Romans, which then spread into Spain and throughout Europe before being taken by colonists to the newly established Americas. It was noted for its medicinal benefits, with the 16th Century physician Paraclesus suggesting it could revive someone! In the 17th Century, the herbalist John Evelyn described Melissa as the “ruler of the brain”, being celebrated for its uplifting and memory-boosting effects. Now commercial production is mainly carried out in France; the plant produces a small yield, so it takes a lot of effort to produce quantities of oil.


- Calming
- Promotes Skin Health
- Soothes Inflammation
How Does Melissa Help the Nervous System?
Our predecessors were right about Melissa’s mood-boosting effects. It is cooling in action, so works well in calming stress-related conditions, such as tension headaches, palpitations and panic attacks. Its sedative yet uplifting compounds help balance the emotions and promote a sense of warmth and peace. Studies have since confirmed that even low doses can help to regulate the emotions.
Melissa-Nervous System
What are Melissa’s Skincare Benefits?
Melissa is particularly good at treating skin conditions where there is inflammation and allergic reactions, such as cold sores, blemishes and eczema, especially if it is stress-related. It has been found to be especially useful to those who have a greater resistance to anti-viral medications, thanks to the fact that the composition of the oil dissolves easily through the skin.
Can Melissa Soothe Inflammation?
It has powerful properties that cause Melissa to be excellent at calming inflammation and therefore helping to reduce pain. This means that Melissa can be used to help soothe inflamed joints and muscles, ease cramps, and help relieve fevers. It can also relieve swelling, therefore minor wounds and stings can also benefit from Melissa.
Aromatherapy – Add to your diffuser to create a calming environment.
Skincare – Add a low concentration (max. 2%) to a base lotion or oil to treat inflamed skin or as a first aid remedy for wasp stings. Patch testing recommended.
Massage – Add to a base oil to treat stress-related conditions or ease pain.
Candles and Soaps – A middle or base note to be used sparingly being a more expensive oil.

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