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Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantifolia


Immune Boosting
Helps Circulation


Aroma: Crisp, Fresh and Sweet.

Lime is the fruit of the evergreen medium-sized tree producing fruits in 3-month cycles. Associated with health and a perfumery top note, with its peel giving us its uplifting and cleansing benefits.


History: Lime originated in Southeast Asia and was one of the earliest citrus fruits to be traded. Starting its journey some 3000 years ago, it arrived in Europe via the Middle East due to the spice and incense trade routes around the 12th Century. The oil was traditionally used to treat scurvy among British naval soldiers in the 19th Century. Used in the food and beverage industry extensively, the essential oil has also earned its place due to its popularity as a top note in eau de colognes and natural perfumery, as well as the restorative qualities it brings.



- Cleansing
- Immune Boosting
- Helps Circulation
What are Lime’s Cleansing Benefits?
Lime contains a constituent, Limonene, that is a powerful agent against bacteria, including the ones that are harder to kill, such as gram negative. Another component, Linalool, helps to reduce the effects of viruses. These positively affect skin health too, helping to treat skin infections, warts and verrucae. Lime also has detoxifying properties, helping to alleviate excess oil from the skin.



Can Lime Boost Immunity?
The antimicrobial and cleansing qualities of Lime help to combat infections and alleviate congested respiratory systems, acting as an effective treatment for colds and flu in a chest massage or steam inhalation. It helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells, therefore strengthening the immune response. Diffusing the oil is a good preventative when bugs are going around.



How Does Lime Help Circulation?
Lime has toning properties that improves a sluggish circulation, boosting a weak venous system. By extension this helps treat chilblains and varicose veins, also being a traditional treatment for broken capillaries. Regular use is said to help to reduce blood viscosity.




Note: Photosensitive – avoid sun exposure for 12 hours after application to skin.
Aromatherapy – Add to a diffuser to benefit from its energising and uplifting qualities.
Massage – Add to base oil as part of a muscle soothing blend; adding to pulse points boosts energy.
Cleaning – Follow a tested recipe to make the most of its antimicrobial properties.
Skincare – Only used the steam distilled variety in a very mild concentration to spot treat blemishes.
Candles and Soaps – Suitable as a top note for blends.





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