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Botanical Name: Nardostachys jatamansi


Helps Promote Sleep
Boosts Skin Health
Stimulates Immune System


Aroma: Woody, Musky, Earthy.
The roots of this aromatic essential oil are distilled to create this oil also known as Muskroot or Nard. This flowering botanical grows wild in the Himalayas and is steeped in history.
    Spikenard  - Aroma
History: Used since ancient times as an anointing oil in the Near East, being mentioned in Egyptian perfume texts and Biblical texts. It was also used in Roman perfumery – the preparation being known as nardinium, as well as being used to flavour wine. During the Middle Ages, it was a highly prized commodity, being traded for its weight in gold in many instances. A Mughal Empress called Nur Jehan in the 16th Century used Spikenard in her skincare regime. It was also used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India to treat skin conditions and encourage healthy hair growth.
Spikenard  - History
- Helps Promote Sleep
- Boosts Skin Health
- Stimulates Immune System
How Does Spikenard Help Sleep?
Spikenard boasts sedative qualities that help maintain physical, mental and psychological balance. This means that it soothes feelings of anxiety, restlessness and tension. Relaxing the mind and body, Spikenard is a cooling agent that calms aggression and anger. It soothes inflammation in the digestive and nervous system. These relaxing effects promote a better night’s sleep.
Spikenard  - Sleep
Does Spikenard Help Skin Health?
A powerful antimicrobial and antifungal agent, Spikenard stops growth of bacteria on the skin, so it’s useful in treating wounds and conditions such as athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. It can also help soothe patches on the skin, itching and psoriasis. It has cleansing and purifying properties that help calm and treat blemishes. High in antioxidants, it can help protect mature skin too.
Spikenard - Skin Health
Can Spikenard Boost Immunity?
Spikenard is a natural hypotensive, meaning that it dilates the arteries, helping to lower blood pressure as a result. This means that this helps to lower the risk of more serious diseases. A study confirmed Spikenard’s antioxidant abilities, protecting the body from inflammation and fighting damage from free radicals. Its calming properties in turn allow the body to function properly.
Spikenard  - Immunity
Aromatherapy – Add sparingly to a diffuser to benefit from Spikenard’s meditative qualities.
Massage – Add to base oil for a grounding treatment and relieve tension.
Hair Care – Add to coconut oil as a hair mask or shampoo to help promote healthy hair growth.
Skin Care – Add to base lotion or oil to treat inflamed skin conditions, such as eczema and blemishes.
Candles and Soaps – A powerful essential oil, so can be sparingly added as a base note to blends.
Spikenard  - Applications

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