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Botanical Name: Polianthes tuberosa


Helps the Nervous System
Boosts Circulation


Aroma: Exotic, Sweet, Floral.
Part of the narcissus family rather than the rose, the oil is extracted from the tubular, star-shaped flowers of this white perennial plant. It blooms throughout summer into early autumn.
Tuberose - Aroma
History: Originally native to Central America and Southern Mexico, Tuberose was said to have been used by the Aztecs to perfume chocolate and used in medicine. It made its way to India via the Philippines. The Spanish took the tuberose with them when they returned from Mexico, and was later developed throughout Italy and France. By the 17th Century, it was especially favoured by apothecaries, merchant and glovemakers. The first bulbs were planted in Grasse in France for perfumery purposes. Louis XIV was a fan and used more than 10,000 bulbs to perfume the corridors of Versailles!
Tuberose - History
- Helps the Nervous System
- Boosts Circulation
- Deodorising
How Does Tuberose Benefit the Nervous System?
Tuberose’s primary action is as a relaxant, with its exotic fragrance soothing nerves, the brain and muscles. This provides relief from tension, anger, low moods. Its sedative qualities also make Tuberose helpful in promoting sleep. It also helps to bring relief from spasmodic coughs and cramps.   

Tuberose - Nervous-System


Can Tuberose Encourage Circulation?
Having a warming effect, Tuberose promotes the circulation of blood, helping to eliminate toxins and ensures an adequate supply of oxygen. This helps treat debility and bring warmth into joints and muscles. The warming effect also benefits the respiratory system as a decongestant.    
Tuberose - Circulation
Does Tuberose Eliminate Odours?
As well as having antibacterial and antifungal properties, Tuberose benefits the health of the skin. It helps to lock in the skin’s moisture and prevent infection. The richness, intensity and longevity of the fragrance makes it ideal to combat odours.
Tuberose - Eliminates Odours
Note: this is a very expensive and powerful oil that needs to be highly diluted before use. This won’t water down its benefits, however.
Aromatherapy – Add a drop to benefit from Tuberose’s deeply relaxing qualities.
Massage – Add to a base oil to help boost circulation and promote calm.
Bath – Add a drop to a dispersant to alleviate tension.
Skincare – Add a drop to a base lotion or oil to for a moisturising treatment.
Candles and Soaps – A suitable base note for blends.
Tuberose - Applications

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