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Botanical Name: Rosa damascena


Skin Care
Nervous System


Aroma: Floral, Warm, Rich.
Rose is one of the best known and loved essential oils, with a labour-intensive process to distil the pure essential oil. Used in mainly perfumery, Rose boasts a variety of benefits.
Rose - Aroma
History: Fossils have been collected around Central Asia, suggesting Roses originated there around 35 million years ago! However, the exact origins are somewhat mysterious; some historians believe that was in Syria’s capital, Damascus, while others believe it was in Persia. It was adopted and grown some 5,000 years ago by early civilizations such as the Romans, Chinese and Egyptians. Used as a medicinal plant, Rose oil was first distilled over 1,000 years ago by Avicenna. The Incas also adopted Rose essential oil as a cure-all remedy. Today, it is primarily cultivated in Turkey and Bulgaria. 

Rose - History


- Skin Care
- Nervous System
- Digestion
What are Rose’s Skincare Benefits?
Rose provides a protective and astringent effect that helps skin to become clearer, softer and less irritated. Its rejuvenating benefits address issues such as dullness, dryness, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Its restorative qualities help provide healing from scarring, while it soothes inflammation, treating irritation, heat and pigmentation of the skin.    

Rose - Skincare


How Does Rose Help the Nervous System?
One of Rose’s main activities is helping to combat a wide range of stress-related conditions. This is because Rose strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system which encourages the body to rest and digest, so as a result decreases the fight-or-flight response associated with anxiety. It shares a compound with chocolate, Phenyl Acetaldehyde, helping to lift low moods and increase relaxation.
Rose - Nervous-System         
Can Rose Benefit the Digestive System?
It has a strengthening and detoxifying effect on the digestive system. Its harmonising and balancing qualities help alleviate cramps and also relieve feelings of nausea. Its sedative effects provide relief from bloating, indigestion and ulcers, also helping t ensure that these don’t have prolonged activity. Rose can help boost a sluggish digestive system and has a soothing effect on the liver.        
Rose - Digestive System
Aromatherapy – Add to a diffuser to infuse a deeply calming environment.
Bath – Add to a dispersant sparingly (being a powerful fragrance) to help prepare for sleep.
Massage – Add to a carrier oil as an abdominal massage or treatment to repair skin.
Skincare – Add to a base lotion or oil to benefit from Rose’s toning and rejuvenating benefits. 
Candles and Soaps – Suitable to add sparingly as a middle note for blends.

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