Palo Santo

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Botanical Name: Bursera graveolens


Enhances Meditation
Helps the Immune System
Boosts Skin Health


Aroma: Sweet-Woody, Mint, Balsamic.
A South American Tree, the Palo Santo grows wild in the tropical forests and are not cut down. Rather, the wood and resin are extracted no earlier than 3 years after the natural death of the tree.
Palo Santo - Aroma
History: Palo Santo dates back to the Incan era, used for purification rituals, meditation or prayer. It originated from Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries. Spanish monks later discovered the tree, giving Palo Santo its name, meaning “holy wood” or “the wood of the saints”.  The tree is still treated with respect today, with time allowed after the tree’s death for the resin to travel all the way out of the heartwood to ensure the best quality oil.
Palo Santo - History
- Enhances Meditation
- Helps the Immune System
- Boosts Skin Health
Can Palo Santo Help Meditation and Focus?
Long associated with cleansing the surroundings of negativity, Palo Santo has a grounding quality that calms but stimulates the limbic system, turning on the body’s relaxation responses, reducing panic and anxiety. Hence its popularity in meditation. It can also tackle tension-induced headaches, by its helping to lower inflammation, which increases blood flow to help reduce pain.
Palo Santo - Meditation
Does Palo Santo Enhance the Immune System?
It helps boost immunity by regulating inflammatory responses caused by pollution, stress and a poor diet. The main active compound, Limonene, has well-researched detoxifying and antiviral effects. This has been found to be especially effective in treating colds and flu. By helping to improve circulation, Palo Santo helps recharge energy levels which aid a faster recovery.
Palo Santo - Immunity
How Does Palo Santo Boost Skin Health?
Palo Santo has a rich abundance of a compound called terpenes that are effective for combatting free radical damage. As a result, it is full of moisturising properties that help treat flaky or dry skin. It also protects the skin in the summer from bugs. Its antimicrobial properties help to clear congested pores, helping to cleanse and treat blemish-prone skin.
Palo Santo - Skin Health
Aromatherapy – Add to a diffuser to create a relaxing environment or aid focus.
Bath – Add to a base oil and bath salts for a relaxing muscle recovery soak.
Cleaning – Follow a trusted recipe to benefit from Palo Santo’s deodorising and cleansing properties.
Skincare – Add sparingly to a base lotion or oil to help clear pores and cleanse skin.
Massage – Add to a base oil to soothe the muscles, joints and skin.
Candles and Soaps – Suitable as a middle note for blends.
Palo Santo - Applications

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