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Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna


Benefits Joints and Muscles
Promotes Calm


Aroma: Rich, Musky, Woody.
One of the most expensive perfumery ingredients in the world, Oudh is an extract of the agarwood tree. When the wood is infected with a certain variety of mould, the reaction produces the fragrant resin.
Oudh - Aroma
History: Believed to have originated in the Assam region of India, records also show that Oudh was being extracted in Vietnam in the 3rd Century. It was renowned in ancient civilisations across the world, being used for its symbolic and religious significance. In China it was associated with the flow of energy, and earned its place in mythology across many cultures. Popular in the Islamic world as a personal care fragrance, it spread across to Europe and was infamously used by the French King Louis XIV to wash his clothes in! It has gained popularity in modern perfumery in the luxury market.
Oudh - History
- Antimicrobial
- Benefits Joints and Muscles
Promotes Calm
How do Oudh’s Antimicrobial Properties Help?
A popular Ayurvedic treatment for skin disorders, Oudh’s soothing qualities indeed does reduce redness and puffiness. It also soothes irritation caused by infections, dryness and helps heal wounds. Its antimicrobial qualities remove bacteria from the skin and help to treat and reduce the number of blemishes. It has also traditionally been used to freshen the breath.
Oudh - Antimicrobial
Can Oudh Soothe Joints and Muscles?
Soothing inflammation, Oudh helps to relieve rheumatic pain and cramps in muscles and joints. Its diuretic effect has detoxifying qualities that help reduce swelling and stiffness. It is particularly beneficial in treating restless leg syndrome, as Oudh calms the nerves that send the wrong signals that cause twitching.
Oudh - Joints-and-Muscles
How Does Oudh Promote Calm?
It is a natural sedative, helping to bring relief from emotional trauma, sleeplessness, irritability and low moods. It also has been claimed to have a harmonizing effect on the electrical frequencies of the brain. The psychoactive properties of Oudh bring in a sense of clarity as well as calm, hence its popularity in meditation and enhancing memory and focus.
Oudh - Calm
Aromatherapy – Add to a diffuser to aid sleep, ease congestion and boost focus.
Massage – Add to a carrier oil to benefit from soothing restless leg syndrome, relieving pain and itching.
Skincare – Add sparingly to a base lotion or oil to reduce puffiness and blemishes.
Candles and Soaps – A potent base note, only a drop is need to hold the top and middle notes in blends.  

Oudh - Applications




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