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Botanical Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum


Helps Digestion
Boosts Circulation
Helps Prevent Bacteria


Aroma: Spicy, Sweet, Warm.
One of the world’s most popular spices, Cinnamon is considered to be one of the longest-existing in human history. It is mainly used in the food industry but its oil also has potent benefits.
Cinnamon - Aroma
History: One of the oldest aromatics, Cinnamon was used as part of the Ancient Egyptian embalming process and was also considered to be of high value, used also as gifts and used in potions. Also used as a staple in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine, it kept its valued status in the Middle Ages, being used to treat indigestion by the wealthier classes. It was also used by 15th Century grave robbers to protect themselves against the plague. Today, it continues to be used to address emotional and physical ailments, as well as being a popular culinary addition.  

Cinnamon - History


- Helps Digestion
- Boosts Circulation
- Helps Prevent Bacteria 
Can Cinnamon Benefit Digestion?
The aroma of Cinnamon stimulates the metabolism, encouraging a sluggish digestive system, particularly when aggravated by cold food thanks to its warming properties. Antispasmodic actions of Cinnamon help to relieve digestive spasms such as colic. Its sweet scent can help curb sugar cravings.
Cinnamon - Digestion
How Does Cinnamon Help Circulation?
It contains compounds that have warming actions to help treat chills and poor circulation to the extremities. Likewise, this helps soothe rheumatic pain that is brought on by cold and damp weather as well as muscular aches and cramps. Soothing inflammation, this helps to boost arterial health of the heart.
Cinnamon - Circulation
How Can Cinnamon Prevent Bacteria?
Studies have shown that the compounds in Cinnamon have effective antimicrobial properties, particularly in the treatment of lice and parasites. It also has anti-fungal properties, showing inhibiting effects against candida and has been shown to effectively fight antibiotic-resistant strains.   
Cinnamon - Antibacterial
Aromatherapy – Add drops to a diffuser to create a warm and uplifting environment.
Cleaning – Follow a tested recipe to make the most of Cinnamon’s antimicrobial benefits.
Foot Bath – For soothing the mind and stimulating circulation. Dilute the minimum quantity (2 drops) in a dispersant and ensure to patch test beforehand.
Massage – Blend well diluted with carrier oil to ease tired muscles or an abdomen massage to relieve digestive discomfort.
Candles and Soaps – Suitable as a middle note for a blend, particularly a seasonal one!
Cinnamon - Applications

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