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Botanical Name: Jasminum grandiflorum


Boosts Skin Health
Aids the Nervous System
Supports Hormonal Health


Aroma: Warm, Exotic, Sweet.
Produced from the flowers of this much-loved climbing plant, Jasmine has been heralded ‘king of essential oils’ for centuries, being a highly regarded perfumery ingredient.
Jasmine - Aroma
History: Believed to have originated in Persia, Jasmine was found in Ancient Egypt, being used for medicinal purposes. It was later found to be cultivated in China and India. Jasmine flowers were infused with tea leaves as a soothing beverage. In China, it was also used in sick rooms, being believed to clear the room of pollutants. In India, since Ancient Hindu times, it has been referred to as “the perfume of love” thanks to its relaxing, sensuous fragrance. It was first introduced to Europe in the 1600s by the Arab trade network, where it became popular in the perfume industry.
Jasmine - History
- Boosts Skin Health
- Aids the Nervous System
- Supports Hormonal Health
Does Jasmine Boost Skin Health?
An all-rounder, Jasmine’s primary action is an emollient, helping to hydrate and revitalize dry and sensitive skin, helping to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps to balance oily and blemish-prone skin, with its inflammation-soothing properties calming irritation and redness. Additionally, Jasmine has been shown to aid in the fading of scars and stretch marks.
Jasmine - Skin Health
How Does Jasmine Help the Nervous System?
A natural soother, having a sedative effect, Jasmine can take the edge off restlessness and anxiety. However, it also helps to counter low moods and low energy, showing a significant improvement in cognitive-emotional responses. As well as boost the mood, it can assist in focus and concentration.
Jasmine - Nervous System
Can Jasmine Support Hormonal Health?
Studies have shown that Jasmine is one of the few oils that act as phytoestrogens – plant constituents with a similar structure to oestrogen. This means that they have been found to help manage the symptoms of PMS, hormone-related issues and naturally help with the emotional effects of menopause.
Jasmine - Hormonal Health
Note: Jasmine is a strong fragrance and is best used in moderation.
Aromatherapy – Add to a diffuser to bring in an atmosphere of calm.
Bath – Add to a dispersant to help prepare for sleep.
Massage – Add to a base oil to help uplift the senses.
Skincare – Add to a base lotion or oil to benefit from Jasmine’s hydrating properties.
Candles and Soaps – Suitable as middle or base note to be used sparingly.


Jasmine - Applications

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